Does pulling underwear help the belly after delivery

Does pull-down underwear help after delivery?

And the most unpleasant thing is that it can not even be drawn in, as the muscles of the press remain extremely weakened. At the present time on sale you can find a special pull-down underwear, which promises to hide absolutely all the shortcomings of the figure. But is it really true, as they say in advertising?

What is the advantage of pulling clothes?

Undoubtedly, special panties help visually reduce the volume of hips, buttocks, tummy, and sides that are stiffened during pregnancy. In this there is nothing wrong, as every newly mummy wants to look attractive and young, and the excess weight, transformed into unpleasant creases on the body, definitely adds a few years. Therefore, it is extremely important to take a responsible approach to choosing special lingerie, as poor-quality products can only harm the already weakened body.

It's hard to believe, but the main function of such useful clothes is not to reduce the size of the belly. The tightening effect contributes to the speedy recovery of the uterus and the press, which significantly stretched during pregnancy and at the time of delivery. And, as is known, tissues return to the original form very slowly, if not to accelerate this process. Particularly affected by this problem are moms who have given birth to twins or triplets, since the skin and abdominal muscles are so stretched that they continue to sag under the weight of their own weight, and it is impossible to do without supporting underwear.

In addition, corrective panties help reduce the burden on the spine, which is in a weakened state after the baby is born. Regular sock pulling clothes will help reduce the burden on bone tissue and prevent the accumulation of salts, the formation of intervertebral hernias. It can be seen that the aesthetic side of the issue is not as important as positive changes in the state of the body.

As is known, in order to avoid adhesions specialists recommend that recently given birth to young ladies spend more time on the move, and this is a serious burden on the lower back, pelvis and back. Special underwear significantly reduces discomfort and pain during walking. Moreover, after the appearance of crumbs, the muscles of the uterus and the vagina considerably stretch, which in some cases leads to the lowering of the pelvic organs. Tightening shorts will help to avoid such serious problems, but only on condition, that they were chosen correctly.

How to choose corrective underwear after giving birth?

Acquiring and wearing corrective clothing is recommended after two or even three weeks after natural delivery. If the cesarean section was conducted, then it is better to refrain from such purchases for a month. You should also remember some contraindications, such as pain in the abdomen, hemorrhoids, increased swelling, postpartum complications. Therefore, you must first consult a doctor to avoid unpleasant results.

It is important to take into account the fact that there are several degrees of tightening of clothes. Lightweight - will suit the owner of a barely noticeable tummy, neatly hide all the folds. Such things will never cause discomfort and do not hamper the movement. Panties and shorts with an average tightening will help visually reduce not only the main problem zone, but also the buttocks. The linen is made of a fabric of various density, which helps to evenly distribute the pressure on those or other parts of the body. But from things with the maximum degree of sucking it is better and completely to refuse in the first months after childbirth.

On sale you can find all kinds of bandages, corsets, leggings and panties, which effectively hide a large belly. But it is very important not to regret the time and try on all suitable underwear to determine the most comfortable and safe option. Also it must be remembered that the thinner on such clothes the seams, the it is invisible under trousers or a dress. And of course, it is desirable to carefully study the composition of the tissue, since synthetics provoke an increase in sweating and create a greenhouse effect, which is extremely harmful for the genitals of the newly mummy.

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