Does the bandage help to clean the abdomen after childbirth?

Does the bandage help clean the abdomen after childbirth?

On the use and harm of the bandage

The purpose of this device is to restore the attractiveness of the figure, and in particular the abdomen. The postnatal bandage helps to reduce back and stomach pain, which very often disturbs newly mummified babies. It helps to contract the uterus. Such a belt fixes the relaxed muscles, does not allow them to sag, pull them up. So basically clean up the stomach it helps. But all individually.

First of all, the newly mummy should consult an obstetrician-gynecologist if she can even wear a postnatal corset, and when to start. After all, after birth, the female body is greatly weakened, and any independent decisions can harm its recovery. Moreover, you can earn serious problems if you put beauty at the head of the corner. For example, with inflammation of the sutures after cesarean section no tug of the abdomen can be used. So the stitches will heal longer. Wearing a corset is not recommended, and with gastric diseases in a woman. In any case, only the doctor can evaluate how and how fast the body regains, the uterus is reduced, and then you have adequate advice on the expediency of wearing a bandage. Sometimes it also happens that a woman can not consult a gynecologist about this. Then, in the absence of postpartum complications, you can try to wear a corset little by little. Start with one hour, listen to your feelings. Then take off. In the first days of wearing a postpartum bandage, the maximum length of stay in it should not exceed three hours.

Peculiarities of wearing a corset

Do not force yourself, sacrifice your health for beauty. If it starts to hurt under the chest, in the lower abdomen, then it is better to remove the discomfortable device.

Refuse to wear a postpartum corset in these cases:

  1. When you feel an increased weakness when wearing it.
  2. If there are external and internal seams.
  3. When there are ailments of internal organs located in the area of ??wearing a corset.

In the absence of these contraindications, the bandage can be worn. If the birth was easy, without complications, then you can wear this device on the second or third day after a happy event. It is recommended to do this in a lying position when the muscles are as relaxed as possible. After putting on, you need to get up slowly, neatly, because the pressure after delivery in the peritoneum is reduced. A sharp rise of a woman can lead to dizziness, and sometimes to fainting, falling.

It is not to be hoped that wearing a postpartum bandage alone will strengthen the weak muscles of the abdomen and pull them up to the level that the woman had before pregnancy. It is necessary to combine his wearing with exercise, rational nutrition. It is important to perform exercises designed for oblique and straight abdominal muscles - they need a lift after birth.

On the correct choice of the postpartum corset

Today, every woman can choose a product that is suitable for functionality, design, price category. Corsets are classified into these types:

  1. Grace. It is a pulling model with inserts and multi-level clasps. It supports abdominal muscles.
  2. Elasticated tape. It is a wide belt, adjustable on the body. The model has special inserts that fix the abdomen.
  3. Corset shorts. Their advantage lies in the fact that in addition to the abdomen, they also pull up the hips and give the buttocks elasticity.
  4. Bandage-briefs. The model does not slip and does not twist, but it is inconvenient to walk into the toilet in such a bandage. Pulling panties can also rub the skin in the groin.
  5. The combined model is a universal belt that is worn before and after delivery. It consists of 2 parts: narrow prenatal and broad postpartum. The disadvantage of this postpartum corset is that it is bulky and under the clothes it stands out.

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