Does varicocele affect the development of infertility

Does varicocele affect the development of infertility?

Briefly about the disease

In this disease, varicose veins are manifested in the zone of the lobular plexus of the spermatic cord. Varicocele is a common cause of abnormal testicular function. It occurs in 15-20% of all men. And in 40% of these patients, the ailment is accompanied by infertility. Therefore, in its essence, the problem is not cosmetic, but rather reproductive. After all, with varicocele there is a violation of blood supply to the testicle, which goes into its atrophy, the extinction of functions.

The actual problem of today's day is subclinical varicocele, which can not be suspected without special techniques. After all, in this case, veins simply do not exist. This pathology also leads to infertility.

It is worth noting that the triggers of the disease are physical activities. The appearance is influenced by those factors, as on the usual expansion of veins on the limbs. That is, it is a congenital weakness of the venous wall. Another common cause of the problem is increased pressure in the veins of the pelvis of a man. As for the emergence of infertility as a result of varicocele, its cause is a violation of the spermatogenic function of the testicle. It is surrounded by blood-filled dilated veins. The temperature of the testicle rises, and healthy work is depressed.

Today, the ailment is divided into four degrees.

Diagnosis and manifestations of varicocele

Today the main method of identifying a problem is ultrasound, in particular, color ultrasound Doppler. It helps to accurately determine the size of the testicle.

Another method of diagnosis - spermogram. It is needed to clarify the function of the testicle. Spermogramme determines the consistency of male sperm, the volume of ejaculate, the number of sperm in one milliliter of sperm. Also, the number of mobile and inactive

Spermatozoa, the presence of the dead. As you can see, spermogram diagnoses the quality and ability of sperm to fertilize eggs.

This male disease manifests itself with blunt drawing pains in the area of ??the scrotum. They are unstable, arise after physical exertion. Sometimes the only symptom of varicocele is infertility. That's why if you can not conceive a child, you need to exclude this disease.

Why does infertility develop in varicocele

Symptom of the disease is a violation of blood supply in the testicle, changes in sperm. The number of active spermatozoa decreases, their mobility decreases, and the structure is disrupted. The immune system in this disease is also a provocative factor. Normally, its cells with testicular cells are never found. But with the stagnation of blood in the veins of the testicle this happens. Then the immune system perceives the tissue of the testicles as alien, begins to attack it, produces antibodies to it. So there is an autoimmune inflammation. It is one of the causes of infertility.

Varicocele treatment

The main method of treatment for this male disease today is surgical intervention. Varicocele is in almost all cases an indication for surgery. Its goal is to eliminate the outflow of blood in the direction of the testicle.

There are different methods of surgical treatment varicocele:

  1. The standard procedure. It allows you to free access to the testicle vein incision. Vienna in two places is bandaged.
  2. Endoscopic operation. It is carried out with the help of small incisions and endoscopic devices.
  3. Sclerotherapy. The method is considered innovative. Its essence is similar to those used for varicose veins on the limbs. Through the zone of the scrotum, a sclerosus is injected into the vein. This substance causes sclerosis of the walls of the veins followed by their adhesion. The result of the operation is also elimination of the reverse blood flow.
  4. Microsurgical testicular revascularization.

After treatment with the above methods and the use of restorative therapy, the problem of infertility is eliminated.

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