Doppler during pregnancy

Doppler during pregnancy - what is it, the norm, types of dopplerometry

Usual ultrasound is performed in order to assess the intrauterine development of the baby, as well as his position. But, apart from him, at certain times do dopplerometry - one of the varieties of ultrasound.

What can you learn with Doppler?

Doppler is one of the methods of studying blood flow in the vessels of the organism of the future mother. Thanks to this research, it is possible to determine the direction, as well as the blood flow velocity in the arteries and veins, to determine the width of the lumen of the vessels and, in addition, to calculate the pressure inside the vessel. In addition, this method helps determine the health status of the baby's heart, listen to his heartbeat, to establish the degree of patency and lumen of the vessels of the umbilical cord of the fetus, and also how well its organs are supplied with blood. It is due to the Doppler that the inferior functioning of the placenta or fetal hypoxia can be diagnosed in time. And sometimes only Doppler is able to show the cord with the umbilical cord and clearly indicate what it is: one or two or three times.

What is the Doppler?

Dopplerometry in pregnancy can be performed in two modes. This is duplex and triplex scanning. At duplex scanning the vessel is looked through, and it is possible to estimate its patency, and if it is broken, then the reasons.

Duplex scanning examines the anatomy of blood vessels and assesses the rate of blood flow. Triplex from the previous one differs in that, that a color image is added to it. This type of research is more accurate.

Special preparation of ultrasound Doppler does not require.

Is this study safe for the baby?

Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy is an absolutely harmless and painless procedure. On the contrary, it is necessary because obstetric practice proves that there are multiple cases where thanks to a doppler it was possible to establish problems in time and to prevent an accident, because the doctors were able to select the appropriate treatment for the pregnant woman and to determine the appropriate tactics in conducting labor.

Who is prescribed doppler during pregnancy?

As a rule, dopplerometry is prescribed for all future mothers in the third trimester. In most consultations, the examination is scheduled for 23-24 weeks of pregnancy, and then - for 30-34 weeks. However, if necessary, Doppler ultrasound can be assigned at any time, regardless of the time. This is often true for preeclampsia, high blood pressure, diabetes, gestosis, kidney problems, poor heredity. In addition, Doppler may be necessary in the case that a woman who is carrying a baby smokes and can not part with this addiction.

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