Dreams foretelling pregnancy

What are the dreams for pregnancy?

Sure, it all depends on whether you believe in such notices. Regarding dreams, scientists do not stop arguing, studying and creating new theories. Religion offers its position, and different people choose themselves, what to believe in and what to listen to. Whatever it was, but very many of us try to explain what we saw in a dream. And a special interest among women is caused by dreams, foreshadowing pregnancy. Someone they frighten and alarm, someone is madly pleased and happy, but someone does not give them the slightest importance. And yet they are dreaming & hellip;

Catch, fish, big and small

The most "cult" dream, predicting a pregnancy, is a dream about a fish. About this know, probably, everything. And, perhaps, that's why the fish so often dreams of women trying and dreaming of getting pregnant. So you should treat this dream with caution. If every night you go to bed with the thought of a fish, then it's not surprising that she will dream to you. But in general, such a dream is quite truthful.

The fact that live fish dreams of pregnancy, previously written in almost all the dream books. Now interpreters offer a variety of interpretations of such dreams, often having nothing to do with conception and childbirth. Nevertheless, the fish continues to dream of women precisely as the news of an early pregnancy. And most often this carp, although there are the most unexpected options - from pike to dolphin.

Actually, the fish, seen in a dream, promises a person a profit. But in the case when she dreams of a young woman, the profit should be understood as the "offspring". Although not necessarily, of course.

It should be clarified that in such a dream the fish must be necessarily alive (or fresh, tasty), in clean water. However, women see it differently: some people catch by hands, others buy, others watch in an aquarium, a pool or a pond, give someone someone, treat someone, and some even eat. I do not remember how the fish dreamed of me (because I had a dream before my pregnancy), but recently my sister gave birth to twins, and before her pregnancy my mother caught two fry in a dream.

Water is the cradle of life

Given that most women before or already at the beginning of pregnancy have a fish, it is not strange that water in a dream is also a "pregnant" sign. Indeed, many dream that they wade through the water and hands catch fish or contemplate, as a variety of fish swim in a variety of waters. Swim in clean water or wash your face - also to pregnancy.

But just water without fish also often dreams of conception. Researchers say that water is a symbol of life, its cradle. Human life arises in the water, so this dream is logical and logical. Women often dream of the sea, river, lake or even an aquarium - in principle, it does not matter. Unites such prophetic dreams a sense of peace, bliss, fullness of life and harmony.

By the way, it is not uncommon for water or fish to dream of a future father, not of a mother. Most often, as it is easy to guess, a man sees in a dream the catch brought to his wife from fishing. But to see a pregnant wife in a dream is an occasion to doubt her faithfulness, most researchers and interpreters of dreams consider.

Baby candy

Experts say that seeing your pregnancy or childbirth in a dream does not mean repetition of what you saw in the future. Undoubtedly, pregnant women often dream of their birth or puziko, but such dreams are associated with the experiences of future mothers and thoughts about their situation. If such a dream is not yet a pregnant woman, then a harbinger of such a dream should not be considered.

However, many women refute this interpretation. Since it is in a dream that they first see their pregnancy, and often even the delivery, not yet knowing that they are already carrying the baby. And often in such dreams the ladies give birth to kittens, doggies, plush rabbits or bear cubs.

The same applies to children. Personally, I have long known that children in a dream - to illness or cares. However, various dream books treat dreamed children in a different way. But life experience confirms that such a dream very often happens "in the hand". Mummies say that someone gave a baby to someone, a husband brought home, a woman gave, found or a child came to my mother. In general, the variations can be mass. But what is most interesting: often such dreams foreshadow not only the early birth of a son or daughter (that is, specifically the sex of the child), but also some features of the baby: long eyelashes, blond hair, blue eyes-moms admit that the picture from a dream is transferred into reality.

It also happens that a woman chooses a dream in a dream or thinks that she should wear a blue blouse or a red one? And in the future learns that pregnant with a boy or girl.

Unknown voice

Such dreams almost all people tend to regard as prophetic. In a dream is someone, often someone from the deceased family members, but more often it's just the voice of an unknown person, and as if pronouncing a prophecy: "In December, you will know everything", "Everything will happen in 3 months" or something in this kind. Bp-rr & hellip; Chains & hellip;

Family Idyll

If you see yourself with your beloved husband, and there is also a third living being on the picture (it can be a dog, a bear, a kitten, a bird, a fish or anyone), it is very likely that such a dream portends a pregnancy. Many women, before they learn that they are pregnant, see similar subjects in their dreams. Someone is standing with a lover on the shore of the lake, someone is walking by the sea beach, others are sitting in the garden or are going on a trip. The only important thing is that you are together, you are overwhelmed with the most positive emotions, you feel calm and love. After such dreams it is pleasant to wake up.

Everything Else

Now it's time to pay attention to the dreams "individually." The most attentive of us can explain our own dream more correctly. After all, the same image means very different depending on who, when and in what context it appears. What one promises success, for others, threatens failure.

So, women see in dreams, predicting pregnancy specifically for them, a variety of symbols, signs and images:

  • mice, moles and other rodents and animals;
  • A chicken or a duck (most likely to be a girl by pregnancy);
  • hunting for animals (bear, rabbit) or watching them (very often - for spiders cobwebbing);
  • animal genera;
  • mushrooms, berries, flowers and other vegetation;
  • strollers, cradles, cribs and various baby accessories;
  • eating or contemplating fruits (watermelons, tomatoes, beans, nuts), as well as their theft (that is, when you steal, for example, watermelons);
  • planting trees and caring for them;
  • beautiful scenery (clear sky, warm sun, clean sand);
  • a light source (in a window, in the middle of the sky, in a tunnel);
  • small items in containers: a bead in a box, a tomato in a pot, a string bean in a jar.

Often, the future mother sees nightmares and violence in dreams, and, especially terribly, with herself in the main role of these terrible actions. One should not take such dreams literally: onyrocritics say that they reflect the "conflict" in the female body, coming with pregnancy.

By the way, your pregnancy can be seen in a dream completely strangers to you people, if they can correctly explain their dreams.

I believe - I do not believe it

Just in case, we note that we do not encourage you to believe in dreams that portend pregnancy. In fact, our subconscious displays dreams: fears, desires, fantasies, and in a very incomprehensible form for us.

However, many women believe that their dreams before the pregnancy or at its beginning proved prophetic. But not for all, the same images carry the same message. Someone regularly sees a fish in a dream and does not become pregnant, someone dreams about something peculiar and, so to speak, individual, informing about the coming pregnancy.

It should also be said that in this article we are more based on life experiences, stories and revelations of women who have seen certain dreams that foreshadow pregnancy in person for them. These signs and symbols can mean something completely remote from the conception and bearing of the baby, if you look at the dream book. Moreover, each dream book will be interpreted in different ways, many of them are divorced today, and the trust to such sources is disappearing more and more.

So we do not pretend to be correct, truthful or something, but only share our experience - our own and others' ones too. And if you have something to tell, we will listen with great pleasure. Did your children notify you of their imminent birth?

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