Dried apricots during pregnancy

Dried apricots during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

Benefits of dried apricots during pregnancy

The benefits of dried apricots are undoubtedly high. In addition to the fact that it contains vitamins B, B2, A, C and PP, dried apricots are also rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, cobalt and copper. All these vitamins and trace elements are very useful for the work of the body and are necessary for the development of the fetus. Further, in dried apricots there is fructose and glucose, so if you are not allowed to use sugar, then dried apricots can become an excellent sweetener.

Moreover, dried apricots helps to normalize the pressure, which is especially important for many pregnant women. Also, dried apricots help to activate the pancreas and maintain the cardiovascular system.

It is enough to eat only five pieces of dried apricots per day to support the heart, remove all heavy metals from the body and cure kidney diseases. Also dried apricots is an excellent medicine for the treatment of thyroid diseases.

Pregnant women who suffer from toxicosis, dried apricots will help reduce the manifestation of this unpleasant phenomenon.

Who is contraindicated in dried apricots?

Dried apricots are not recommended for pregnant women who suffer from low blood pressure, as, as we have already said, dried apricots have the property of lowering blood pressure. Also, one should not get carried away with dried apricots, if a pregnant woman has various allergic reactions.

Pregnant women with a diagnosis of bronchial asthma are contraindicated. Well, if you are afraid of getting better during pregnancy, then you should not get involved with dried apricots either.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that dried apricots is better to eat a little and introduce it into your diet gradually. It is best to eat dried apricots by adding 3-4 dried fruits in cereals, muesli, cottage cheese or yogurt. Remember that if you eat too many dried apricots at a time, which is more likely than not, you will come across a problem with stomach upset.

How to choose dried apricots for pregnant women?

Dried apricots, which is purchased for a pregnant woman, must necessarily be clean, without worms, mold and cobwebs. In this case, it is best to focus on the fruit of a soft color, as too bright yellow and orange color of dried apricots, most likely, says that it contains dyes.

As for the smell, that dried apricots should smell only of apricots, and the fruits themselves must be elastic, but in no case rigid.

What to prepare from dried apricots for pregnant women?

Dried apricots can be added to any fruit salads, added to syrniki, cereals, yoghurts and desserts. Moreover, dried apricots are also added to meat dishes.

But for sweet tooths dried apricots - just a godsend. Thanks to the high content of fructose, the dried apricot can easily replace the chocolate bar.

Dried apricots in combination with other fruits can be used for baking, and for making a tasty and healthy jelly.

And finally: store the dried apricots in a dry, dark place. Well, in order to protect yourself from a product treated with sulfur dioxide, soak the purchased dried apricots for 10-15 minutes. in warm water, then rinse thoroughly.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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