Dropsy of pregnant

Dropsy of pregnant women - symptoms, causes and treatment

Causes of dropsy of pregnant women

Dropsy of pregnant women is a consequence of violations of water-salt metabolism and impaired blood circulation in the system of capillaries and pre-capillaries. So, edema occurs due to a delay in the tissues of water and salts, while the arterial pressure is kept within normal limits, and the protein in the urine is not present.

The state of health of a woman before conception and subsequent pregnancy is also important in the development of dropsy. For example, women with metabolic problems with a tendency to obesity, kidney disease, and high blood pressure are at risk.

Symptoms of dropsy of pregnant women

As a rule, the dropsy of pregnant women gradually develops, and so-called signaling symptoms may indicate a danger. These include, in the first place, excessive weight gain - up to 500-700 g per week at a rate of 260-300 g weekly. In addition, it is possible to suspect development of dropsy by marking the symptom of the ring - when the ring on the finger hardly moves; as well as a symptom of tight shoes - a different and comfortable earlier shoes suddenly become cramped.

If special measures are not taken on time, swelling becomes visible. Moreover, there are 4 degrees of dropsy of pregnant women: if at the initial stage the pastosity of the feet and shins is marked, with each new stage swelling spreads further along the body - along the legs, on the lower abdomen and lower back, on the hands and face, up to the general edema of the body, which indicates the fourth stage of dropsy. As the edema increases, the amount of urine released decreases, but, interestingly, blood pressure remains normal, and pathological tests in the urine are not observed, the kidneys and liver continue to function normally.

You can distinguish the dropsy from swelling caused by impaired kidneys, according to the characteristic color of the skin - when you get hydropic, the skin acquires a glossy shade (kidney disease and associated swelling give the skin pallor).

It should be borne in mind that swelling, in addition to explicit, can be hidden. To suspect a dropsy in this case it is possible unless for prompt increase in weight of a body and a delay of a mocheotdelenija. And usually as development develops, edema is manifested and openly - by external swelling. In this case, the deterioration of the general condition of the pregnant woman does not provoke. Although, with pronounced swelling can make themselves felt the feeling of rapid fatigue, tachycardia, a feeling of heaviness, shortness of breath and thirst.

Treatment of dropsy of pregnant women

In the early stages, dropsy of pregnant women may well be treated out-patient, at home. The first condition for the therapy of edema is the correction of nutrition - in the first place, it is necessary to reduce the intake of table salt (3-5 grams per day) and the amount of liquid consumed (not more than 800-1000 ml per day). In the diet of pregnant women must be full proteins - in small quantities, dietary meat and fish, as well as cottage cheese, curdled milk and yogurt. Also, the ration should include vegetables and fruits, once a week there is a fasting day (for example, apple or cottage cheese).

In addition, Pharmaceuticals are prescribed: diuretics (ammonium chloride or hypothiazide), sedatives (decoctions of valerian root or motherwort), spasmolytics (Papaverin, No-shpa), drugs that strengthen the walls of blood vessels (calcium gluconate, ascorbic acid, Rutin).

As reception of diuretics is accompanied by washing out of an organism of a potassium, it is necessary to enrich a diet with products for its filling: a fig, a dried apricot, baked potatoes.

Traditional medicine offers its own prescriptions for the treatment of dropsy. For example, take a glass of decoction of the stems of a young juniper every day or a cup of cornflower every day (2 tsp of flowers are brewed with 200 ml of boiling water and infused for an hour).

Usually, when dieting and taking the indicated drugs, swelling disappears. If this does not happen, the pregnant woman is referred for inpatient treatment.

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