Dry skin of face and body after birth

Dry skin of face and body after childbirth - reasons and what to do?

Causes of dry skin after delivery

Dryness of the entire body in the postpartum period, in the first place, is associated with cardinal changes in the hormonal background. At this time, women have a sharp decline in the production of the hormone estrogen by the body, the amount of which directly affects the skin condition. Another common cause is insufficient care for one's own body. All newly mummies forget to give time to themselves, beloved. The skin does not receive proper aftercare after intensive delivery and begins to dry up. If you give at least twenty minutes a day to use a variety of creams, scrubs and lotions, then the condition of the dermis will significantly improve.

Also, among the factors influencing the condition of the outer shell of the body, many experts note an avitaminosis, which very often accompanies women in the postpartum period. During pregnancy, the body is set solely to provide the fetus with everything necessary, so all the most useful is for the child. After the crumb appears, the situation does not change at all. A woman tries to enrich her own diet with nutritious foods, but all the important vitamins and trace elements go to breast milk. Therefore, if the doctor has appointed the reception of special funds, then you can not refuse them.

In addition to everything, the surface of the body dries up from the lack of fluid that a person drinks. For nursing mothers, this is more relevant than for everyone else. To maintain balance, you must consume at least two liters of fluid per day. It can be ordinary water, compotes, homemade fruit and juice, tea.

How to restore the skin to its former form?

In order to once again be proud of your own appearance, it is necessary to observe a few very simple rules. It is extremely important that the newly-mummy does them daily, because only in this way it will be possible to achieve positive changes.

First of all, you need to give time to rest and get enough sleep several times a week. This factor is ignored, although not by choice, almost all mummies. However, one's own organism can not be deceived, and fatigue will take its full, if not provide a quality sleep. Then you can face not only dry skin of the face and body, but with more serious ailments.

The right varied diet will help to fill the necessary vitamin supply. A nursing woman should consume more vegetables, fish, cheese, greens and seafood. But it is important to take into account the fact that not all food will be easily absorbed by the child. Therefore, a properly designed menu is not only a pledge of a beautiful dermis, but also the health of a baby.

To restore the epidermis on your face, you should spend more time outdoors. Frequent walks will help to quickly fix not only the skin, but also get rid of unwanted weight. In addition, staying on the street very beneficially affects a small baby. Categorically, you can not neglect the use of vitamin complexes for nursing mothers. Their balanced composition will support the body in such a difficult period and fill the missing amount of minerals.

The skin of the face and the whole body loves care and careful care. You must always give time for necessary procedures every day. When dryness of the dermis, you need to provide the necessary moisturizing and nourishment. Therefore, you can not be limited to one cream. To restore the beauty of the skin requires proper cleansing. A couple of times a week you need to use soft cleansing scrubs or peelings. With dryness on the face, the mask of cucumber can be perfectly handled, which you can do. It is enough to grate the cucumber and spread this gruel on the skin. At the end of twenty minutes you need to wash the broth of the turn or chamomile.

In addition, you should abandon the regular use of makeup. It will not help to hide all the flaws, but it will cause clogging of pores, the appearance of pimples and dryness of the dermis. As for the means for body care, it is better to give preference to those, which are made of natural ingredients. This will significantly reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

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