Duphaston in early pregnancy

How to take Dufaston in the early stages of pregnancy?

Alternative to progesterone

If the body of a prospective mother does not have enough progesterone, a threat of termination of pregnancy is created, because without it, healthy conditions for gestation can not be created in the womb of the mother. Deficiency of progesterone is more often observed in the first trimester of bearing a baby. Further, this phenomenon is observed rarely. What's the matter? Why is the progesterone missing at the beginning of the term?

The reason is that during this period the placenta is formed. In a mature form, this important organ will be able to independently develop a pregnancy hormone. Before the maturation of the placenta, the obstetrician-gynecologist should compensate for the progesterone deficiency in diagnosing it. For replenishment just serves a medicinal product of French origin Dyufaston. In midwifery practice, he established himself as a means of preventing self-abortion. What is a medicine? This is the source of dydrogesterone. The substance is a synthetic analog of progesterone.

Advantages of the drug

Obstetricians-gynecologists knowingly choose this medication. The drug not only compensates for the lack of a pregnancy hormone in the body of a future mother, being absolutely safe for her and the fetus. This drug reduces muscle contractions of the uterus. The condition experts call hypertension, and it is also dangerous for women, because it can lead to self-abortion at an early gestation period. Duphaston prevents such a risk. It, moreover, does not affect blood pressure, blood coagulability, liver function.

The drug contributes to the formation of a healthy mucous membrane of the uterus. Also, the drug for pregnant women obstetricians-gynecologists is prescribed in cases with endometritis of chronic form. This gynecological disease is characterized by high activity of the immune system, which perceives the fetus as an alien body. For this reason, it is expelled from the body of a woman. An excellent corrector of this condition is Dufaston, because it produces blockers that normalize the immune system. And this way, too, creates an obstacle to miscarriage early in pregnancy.

How to use the drug

Each expectant mother should know that the medicine must be taken solely for the purpose of the attending physician. He will determine the scheme and duration of treatment by Dufaston. The regularity of taking the medicine depends on the condition of the pregnant woman, which led to the threat of miscarriage.

As practice shows, doctors recommend taking the drug before the 16th week of pregnancy. Sometimes this period lasts until the 22nd week of the term. But in this case the medicine does not prevent the miscarriage, but protects the woman from premature birth. After all, then the child is considered viable.

Cancellation of the medication in the early stages of gestation takes place gradually, as directed by the gynecologist. It is usually recommended to reduce the dose of tablets daily by half, and lasts for a week (perhaps longer).

Duphaston is an effective and safe drug. But he has a number of restrictions in admission. Individual intolerance of the components of the drug is the first contraindication. The second is the presence of a woman with hereditary diseases (Dabin-Johnson syndrome, Rotor). With caution appoint a medicine and those women who suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. It is forbidden simultaneous reception of Dufaston and other estrogen-containing drugs.

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