Duphaston in the planning of pregnancy

Duphaston in the planning of pregnancy - instructions for use, contraindications and reviews

What to do in this case? The answer is simple: it is necessary to force the body to produce progesterone in the required amount. In most cases, it is possible, using a pharmaceutical called Dufaston. It is proved that this drug effectively solves the problem of progesterone insufficiency.

The active substance of Dufaston is dydrogesterone, which is an analog of natural progesterone. Experts argue that this drug is well tolerated by the female body, has no side effects, does not affect the metabolism. The precursors of dydrogesterone could not "boast" like that, as they were the derivatives of the male sex hormone testosterone, and caused many side effects. The only possible side effect that occurs outside of pregnancy is spotting that occurs between menstruation. In this case, the doctor prescribes an increase in the dose of the drug, and the symptoms disappear.

How to take Dufaston while planning a pregnancy?

If a woman plans to become pregnant, and earlier she had miscarriages, or if the tests show a deficiency of progesterone in the body, then, according to experts, Dyufaston is quite capable of solving this problem. It should be noted that these pills, as a rule, take at least six menstrual cycles in a row. And according to a strictly defined scheme and in the second phase of the cycle, when ovulation has already occurred: from 11 to 25 days. If the pregnancy has occurred, the reception does not cease in any case: it is dangerous, since there may be a threat of interruption or, in fact, spontaneous abortion. Therefore, after the established fact of pregnancy, Dyufaston is taken during the first months of pregnancy.

In various forums, where some women exchange experiences on the use of Dufaston, while others just ask for advice on this, you can read reviews in which it is stated that the use of this drug did not give the expected result. To answer why it happened in every single case, Internet consultation is not enough. It is necessary to consult a doctor who has studied the specific patient and his problem, who prescribed the medication, and ask this question to him. After all, each person is individual, and the same symptoms in two different people can be indicative of quite different diseases. Therefore, do not be equal to someone who claims that "I had exactly the same." The correct decision will be if the information of the forums is viewed for informational purposes, and for real advice, go to the doctor. The main thing that he was competent. Then the stork will very soon knock on your window!

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