Dye your hair during pregnancy

Is it harmful to dye your hair during pregnancy?

Another thing is modern women. It is unlikely that there will be among them such that they share the ancient position of their ancestors in this matter. Nevertheless, absolutely all future mothers, worried about the health of their offspring, are concerned about this issue. If you believe in superstition, then the answer to it will be unambiguous: you can not wear it during pregnancy. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to find the answer yourself.

We used to look beautiful and well-groomed, regularly do many cosmetic procedures and tint the roots of hair as soon as they become barely noticeable. But pregnancy makes, at least, think about the safety of this procedure.

No one has ever conducted any studies on the effect of hair dyeing on the development and health of the baby. But theoretically, there is still harm, at what not only for the child, but also for the mother. After all, the pores of the skin absorb everything that gets into them, including paint. And paint, as we know, more or less, but still harmful. In addition, during hair dyeing, a woman also inhales her vapors, which can not be called useful. Therefore, it is better to avoid such an effect on your own and the fetus's body.

But you do not want to look like a monster either? And for 9 months earlier the painted hair grows decently. What is the best way out of the situation?

Many pregnant women prefer to make a color or coloring because the growing roots with this color are less noticeable, and the procedure can be performed much less often. Another plus (as they think): With this method of dyeing, the paint does not come into contact with the scalp and harm is reduced to a minimum. In this case, you should choose the most "harmless" paint. But, perhaps, the most reasonable will be to dye your hair in its natural color, so that until the end of pregnancy (and preferably the period of breastfeeding) do not give in to the possible risk of the baby. However, a woman can expect surprises here. Due to the violent activity of hormones in the pregnant body, hair can behave quite unpredictably! Even the once proven paint (firm, color, etc.) can now give an absolutely unexpected result. And a calm light blond shade will fall on your hair a fiery redhead, or worse - stains.

Another important point. During pregnancy, the probability of a strong allergic reaction to hair dye is very high - experience shows that this happens quite often. Especially if you have suffered from any kind of allergy before - it's better to be safe. Do not resort to coloring your hair in the case when you have a sharpened sense of smell or toxicosis. You can experiment with hair clips, bandages, kerchiefs, hoops - to divert attention from the uneven color. But if you look perfect for you it is extremely important - you can try sparing balms-dyes or natural colors (henna, basma).

Only a woman can decide whether she should dye her hair during pregnancy or not. And the question "is it possible?" Remains open for further discussions.

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