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Monthly during pregnancy: is it dangerous or not?

To begin with, that menstruation during pregnancy is not a common thing, as many have claimed. And even if your closest friend assures you that she had a period of pregnancy, while the baby was born healthy - ignore the allocation is not worth it. After all, in fact, there should be no menses during pregnancy, and the cause of this phenomenon can be severe pathologies and diseases. What kind? Let's consider.

First of all, let's remember the course of school anatomy. The physiology of the female body is such that once a month an egg is ripening in her body, ready for conception. At the same time, if conception does not occur, it collapses and comes out with monthly ones. If the egg is already fertilized, then the body prepares a special place for the embryo and directs all the forces to prevent the uterus from tearing away the embryo. This is promoted by the enhanced production of the hormone - progesterone, which stimulates the growth of the inner wall of the uterine walls, so that the embryo can properly attach to them. Progesterone does not allow the walls of the uterus to contract, which prevents rejection. That's why to say that the monthly during pregnancy is the norm, we can not.

However, for the sake of justice, we note that indeed some spotting during pregnancy takes place. However, calling them monthly is very difficult. The cause of these secretions can be various pathologies, a violation of hormonal balance in the body, as well as exfoliation of the fetal egg, which threatens miscarriage.

Women who noted in the early stages of pregnancy, bloody discharge, as a rule, suffer from a violation of the production of the hormone progesterone. If in the body of a future mother this hormone is produced in insufficient quantities, then at the appropriate time for normal menstruation bloody discharge with fragments of the endometrium may be observed. However, this is a very dangerous process, since along with cleansing, rejection of the fetus can occur. Naturally, you can not ignore this process, so be sure to visit a doctor who will prescribe medications that replace progesterone. Artificial progesterone in most cases helps to avoid miscarriage and endure a healthy child before the due date.

Another cause of bloody discharge during pregnancy can be genetic changes and pathologies of fetal development or ectopic pregnancy. Risk is also those women who are diagnosed with endometriosis or uterine myoma. The thing is, that with these pathologies the fetus can not gain a foothold, which results in oxygen starvation and miscarriage.

The hormonal disorder that leads to the appearance of bloody discharge during pregnancy, called hyperandrogenism - is an overabundance of male hormones in the body of a woman. Not treating this disease means threatening the normal development of the fetus.

Quite a rare phenomenon, due to which in some women during pregnancy there are monthly - originally formed 2 embryos. One of them develops normally, and the second, for some reason, is rejected by the body, which leads to bloody discharge.

From all of the above, the conclusion follows: monthly during pregnancy is far from the norm and not at all harmless. Therefore, you should not listen to the "fairy tale" that you should not be afraid of them. If you noted the slightest spotting - be sure to seek medical advice from a doctor, and if back pain is added to them, then call an ambulance.

Take care of yourself and your unborn child!

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