Easy work during pregnancy

Transfer of pregnant women to easy work

Easy labor in pregnancy: your right and duty

Unfortunately, many women underestimate the importance of moving to mild labor for pregnant women (meaning prenatal child health care) and continue to work in habitual mode, keeping silent on the job of its position until the time when everything is already obvious. As a rule, internally, these women are even proud of something: here I am, how hardy, strong, I work as always - on a par with everyone. But, dear women, remember that not all working conditions are favorable for pregnancy! After all, with such work, the future mother can cause direct damage to the health of the child!

It is important to know about the existence of clear working conditions for pregnant women and transfer them to easy work. Do not be afraid to inform your employer about it - he will not only not be able to fire you, but he is simply obliged to provide you with easier working conditions, even if you are employed for this work in the early stages of pregnancy, without informing the management about it.

But there are also cases when the future mother, having listened to the advice from all sides, begins to focus her attention on all sorts of dangers, fencing herself away from all the affairs, avoiding physical work and any muscle strain, and begins to lead a sedentary lifestyle. As a rule, in such situations, obesity can occur very quickly, which, in turn, can harm the intrauterine development of the baby.

Pregnant women are useful in physical exercise and do not deplete physical activity. This also applies to physical labor. A variation of general physical and motor activity can be moderate physical work at a calm pace, which will not only be useful, but also necessary for the health of every future mother.

What is meant by easy labor during pregnancy?

A pregnant woman has the right to transfer to light work, in which the influence of negative factors of production is excluded. The basis for transferring to easy labor during pregnancy is the application of the employee and the corresponding medical certificate attached to him.

Working Conditions for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a special, exceptional condition of the woman's body, and therefore special conditions for work and rest are reserved for pregnant women, for them there are different restrictions and prohibitions. Thus, in particular, future mothers are forbidden to work in industries where there are possible negative effects of certain factors on the fetus, among which:

  • elevated temperature;
  • vibration;
  • noise;
  • some chemical compounds;
  • radiation exposure.

What is important is that, that when translating for easier work during pregnancy, the previous average earnings of a woman must be preserved.

If the work of a pregnant woman requires intense physical overloads and is fraught with even dangers, then, at least in the period of preparation for motherhood, it needs to be transferred to a different, safer workplace as soon as possible.

Peculiarities of the organization of easy labor during pregnancy:

  • from the earliest pregnancy period, expectant mothers are exempt from work at night, on weekends, from business trips, from any additional workload ;
  • harmful synthetic substances, technical aerosols should not be used in the workplace of a pregnant woman; also there should not be there vibration and ultrasound;
  • a woman can not work permanently in a sitting or standing position, but it is also impossible to walk continuously (the distance traveled by a pregnant woman should not exceed 2 km in one change);
  • It is forbidden to entrust pregnant women with work that must be performed on their knees, with an emphasis on the chest or abdomen, as well as in a bent position or squatting;
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding women are not recommended to engage in work related to the use of PCs, or it should be limited in time.

And in conclusion you can say the following: physical work is useful and necessary for a pregnant woman, but only if she is calm and moderate. Do not hesitate to talk about your situation and do not forget about your right to easy work, because caring for bearing and giving birth to a healthy baby is a state interest.

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