Eating in early pregnancy

Nutrition in early pregnancy - what can and can not

So. We are pregnant with you. What and how do we do? What do we refuse and what, on the contrary, do we lean on? How many times a day do we eat? About this and all that is related to nutrition in the early stages of pregnancy, this article.

First: through proper nutrition we struggle with toxicosis.

Yes, it's not a fairy tale. Correctly organized (by quantity and quality) nutrition significantly reduces the manifestation of toxicosis. To do this:

  • eat often (5-6 rubles per day), but in small portions;
  • the first meal (it may be crackers or something light) to be held directly in the bed;
  • between meals to drink plenty of clean water (up to 2 liters per day);

Second: we eat healthy and healthy food.

Forget about hot dogs, french fries, fatty dishes, smoked meat (this applies to sausages and fish), pickled, salted and canned products, ketchups, mayonnaise. We are quite unattractive with sweet soda (especially Coca-Cola) and all products containing artificial dyes (even yoghurts). On the offer to drink a couple of sips of wine or beer, we reply: "Phew, what a shit!" And do not give up on any pretext.

Now we have steamed, boiled and baked vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, fresh salads, fruits on our table. Necessarily - the greens. Do not forget about the fish. We replenish the reserves of calcium by eating dairy products, in the first place - cottage cheese.

Be wary of allergen products (chocolate, honey, citrus fruits, etc.).

Third: if we want something - it's not just that. Hence, this "something" we really miss.

There are numerous anecdotes and stories about the "food whims" of pregnant women. But the fact that a woman wanted to have sea cabbage in the middle of the night or to chew on a wall is not a rush. This is the body's signal about the lack of the substance necessary to it, in the examples given - iodine and calcium. Often pregnant women do not have enough iron. This substance provides a normal level of hemoglobin, which is necessary for the transfer of oxygen to the tissues. If the mother has anemia, the baby experiences oxygen starvation. It can be obtained from red meat, fish, egg yolk, apricots, dark green leafy vegetables and cereals.

Fourth: we do not forget to take vitamins prescribed by the doctor every day.

Today's ecology and health of pregnant women, unfortunately, not in the most ideal conditions. Therefore, every woman the doctor prescribes vitamins, necessary at the stage of gestation, and then feeding, the child. We are no exception. Every morning (or lunch, as it is written in the instruction), we honestly take vitamin complexes for pregnant women, which supplement the food ration (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B, C, A, E, etc.) and do not lead to excessive weight body.

Fifth: we do not want to acquire unnecessary fat, so we do not eat "for two", but "for one, but qualitatively."

Do not listen to your moms and grandmothers, now you simply have to eat for two. Pregnancy is not an excuse to absorb food if not in tons, then buckets. It will not lead to anything but to excess weight. Now, when our body consumes additional energy and irreplaceable substances, it is better to emphasize the quality and usefulness of the products. Therefore, who has not fully mastered the "golden rules of eating pregnant" returns to the beginning of the article and reads the item "The second & hellip; ". According to medical indications, the average woman during pregnancy should gain about 13 kilograms. Plus or minus a few kilograms is considered normal. As for weight gain in the first trimester, it is proved that at this time it is absolutely not dependent on nutrition.

And again: we do not deal with stupid things, namely: do not sit on diets.

Pregnancy is not a time for experiments and, especially, tracking a figure in this way. If you are really afraid of getting better, get better fitness for pregnant women. This is useful to you, and baby.

Sixth: we are umnichki and we will succeed.

Yes, it is very difficult for us at one moment to restructure our eating habits. But we understand that it is necessary to do this for the sake of crumbs, whose health depends on us directly. And we not only understand, but also do. And we all get it. And very soon, well, after some 8 months, a miracle will happen, and we are no longer just pregnant, we are already Moms.

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