Eggplant in pregnancy

Eggplant in pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

Eggplant benefits and harm during pregnancy

Immediately we note that the caloric content of aubergine in its raw form is 24 kcal, so it can be attributed to the products of dietary nutrition. But since this berry is one of the few that is not used in its raw form, it should be taken into account, that in the stewed form its calorie content is much higher - 190 kC, and in the boiled - 33.

The eggplant in its composition contains vitamins C and D, PP and B9 (folic acid), B2 and B1, B6. There are potassium, copper and iron very useful in pregnancy. Nutritionists emphasize that in aubergines a lot of fiber and pectin. These substances are almost not absorbed, but help to remove excess cholesterol from the body of a pregnant woman. This means that dishes from eggplant prevent heart disease and stagnation of bile, the cause of which is the excess cholesterol in the body.

Copper in the product promotes blood formation, so eggplants are recommended for inclusion in the diet of those pregnant women who suffer from anemia.

In addition, the eggplant is useful for future mothers with kidney disease and diabetes. Potassium in the product normalizes the work of the heart, which is important for women with hypertension, and its ability to remove puffiness is useful for mothers who gain weight and have swelling. And the aubergines perfectly stimulate the work of the intestines. Their soft and soft fiber regulates the acid-base balance in the body.

Specific bitterness to the eggplant is attached to a substance called "solanine". In a large concentration (it happens in overripe fruits) it is poisonous. But do not be afraid of this future mothers. After all, from bitterness, it is easy to get rid of the usual sprinkling of cut eggplants with salt. Salt stimulates the secretion of juice, which must be washed off - and then you can prepare the product. By itself, bitterness disappears when baking eggplant in the oven. This method of preparation will keep in the product more useful substances, rather than cooking. Nutritionists do not advise future mothers to eat fried eggplant. They are poorly digested in the stomach and create a feeling of heaviness.

And the saturation of aubergines with copper and iron helps improve the complexion of a pregnant woman.

Eggplant juice has bactericidal properties, it has long been used to heal wounds. Use this feature of the product is possible in pregnancy.

Possible application of eggplant during pregnancy

Vegetable longevity eggplant is called in the East. A rich chemical composition makes it possible to use it for pregnant women with swelling and hypertension. So, for example, regular consumption of baked product for dinner for several days will help to remove swelling of the legs. To do this, you can apply and eggplant juice. Is he, besides, and withdraw excess cholesterol from the body of a pregnant woman. To do this, you need to peel the product off the skins, grate it, squeeze out the juice. Drink it is recommended for one tablespoon before each meal.

If the future mother has problems with the gallbladder, as a cholagogue, she can use an eggplant infusion. To do this, take one medium-sized eggplant, wash, peel, cut into cubes, pour boiling water in an amount of 250-300 grams. After cooling, the infusion should be filtered and consumed 100 grams before meals three times a day. This is a very good and gentle cholagogue.

If a pregnant woman suffers from hypertension, then you need to take the dried and crushed eggplant peel half a teaspoon before eating.

So, eggplants for the future mother are a tasty and nutritious product, a method of treating diseases that accompany pregnancy, wound-healing remedy.

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