Electronic pregnancy test

Electronic pregnancy test - the principle of action, advantages, disadvantages, instruction, reviews

Supersensitive modern electronic pregnancy tests are unlikely to gain such popularity as their cheap predecessors. But they are capable of miracles, which the developers of strip tests did not even dream about: the electronic pregnancy test not only shows a specific exact result of testing, but also determines the approximate duration of pregnancy, if it has come!

Electronic pregnancy test: advantages and disadvantages

One of the obvious advantages of an electronic test is its uniqueness. The manufacturer assures that there can not be any intermediate variants here: the digital display shows only one of two possible outcomes: either "plus" (which means pregnancy) or "minus" (which indicates its absence). In the first case, the approximate age of the fetus is also displayed under the badge. Just in case, let us recall that the obstetric term differs from it for 2 weeks (in the larger side).

I confess honestly: I'm not ready to throw out ten times more money just for the sake of getting such information. I consider it more reasonable and expedient to conduct a routine pregnancy test, and if there are any inaccuracies, repeat it in a week or two. But women are different, and the situation for everyone is also different.

Many people are impressed by the promising hypersensitivity of the electronic test. Already on the first day of the delay, if you believe in advertising, the reliability of the results is more than 99%. But there is also a very high probability that an electronic pregnancy test will determine a positive result already 4 days before the expected monthly test. Not for everyone, this kind of urgency is significant, but in some situations, the days literally go down. If it is extremely important for you to receive an unambiguous answer as soon as possible, then the application of the electronic test can help in this.

The high cost of an electronic pregnancy test (over 10 euros) is the most palpable of its deficiencies, but not the only one. As it was possible to assume, the system has the property to be buggy: for example, with a negative result, it gives an approximate gestation period.

But it is very convenient that at the moment of data processing, an hourglass is displayed on the scoreboard, which is a confirmation of the usability and suitability of the test system. The resulting result does not change after a certain time, as it happens when using test strips as they dry up, but completely disappears 24 hours after it is received.

How does the electronic pregnancy test work?

The electronic pregnancy test works on the same principle as any other: it reacts to the level in the urine of the hCG hormone. The absorbent strip is inside, and the monitor is activated when liquid hits it. But some models also have additional functions: calculating the expected date of birth with a positive result, determining the most favorable days for conception with a negative result, the ability to process data when connecting the system to a computer, reusable use.

An electronic pregnancy test is used in the same way as a string, that is, it is substituted for a stream of urine.

The most popular electronic pregnancy test in Russia belongs to the trademark Clearblue.

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