Endometriosis and pregnancy

Are pregnancy and endometriosis compatible

Endometriosis is a disease, most often, women after forty. But sometimes it also occurs in girls who are just pregnant in the years to come. Therefore, the correct diagnosis and timely treatment play an important role.

There is still no consensus on the nature of the disease. Some features of the structure of the fallopian tubes, malfunctions in the immune system, The hereditary predisposition can contribute to the development of endometriosis.

Symptoms of gynecological disease depend on the individual characteristics of the body. Sometimes a woman does not even realize that she is sick with endometriosis, because it can be asymptomatic. But it happens very rarely. In most cases, there are certain symptoms. Pain syndrome in the small pelvis, which is not associated with the menstrual cycle, is one of the most common signs of the disease. Sometimes severe pain and discomfort occur during intercourse. The presence of the disease can be indicated by the allocation of milk-like fluid from the mammary glands, violation of the menstrual cycle, pain during menstruation.

In addition, most women suffering from endometriosis, long can not get pregnant, because they do not have a true ovulation, despite the presence of regular menstruation. Therefore, many associate the disease with infertility. In fact, it is quite possible to become a mother (such cases are often encountered), simply it will be more difficult (due to a violation of the anatomy of the ovaries, a decrease in the patency of the fallopian tubes, difficulty in getting out of the egg). The chances of becoming pregnant increase after the course of treatment. The child should be planned after approximately six months or a year, when the body is fully restored. If the disease is successfully eliminated, then after this period, often becomes pregnant. It is very rare, but it happens when after a successful treatment the pregnancy does not come more than six months. Then a woman needs to undergo another examination to reveal other factors that cause infertility.

If a woman becomes pregnant with endometriosis, then there is a real threat of miscarriage. In this case, a doctor who will monitor the course of pregnancy will be able to prevent it. It is often necessary to maintain pregnancy with the help of hormones. When the placenta is formed in the body, not affected by endometriosis, the risk of miscarriage decreases. But the future mother during the whole period should be observed by a specialist and clearly follow its recommendations. Do not worry about the health of the future child - on his condition and development of endometriosis is not affected.

The sooner the treatment begins, the better. The scheme depends on the woman's age, the severity of the disease, its location, and in addition, the factor of the previous pregnancy is taken into account. Often this gynecological disorder can be cured without surgical intervention (laparoscopy and laparotomy). In the asymptomatic course of endometriosis resort to medical treatment. The patient simply takes special medications (hormonal, anti-inflammatory, symptomatic drugs). The main component of conservative treatment is hormone therapy.

Only the doctor of the appropriate profile can diagnose "endometriosis" after the procedures (gynecological examination, "questioning" the patient for pains, transferred gynecological diseases, operations, gynecological diseases of relatives). Also as methods of diagnosis are colposcopy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, ultrasound of the pelvic organs, vaginal examination, examination using a mirror, rectal and rectovaginal examination.

For regular prophylaxis of endometriosis, regular examinations should be carried out, especially for those girls and women who are disturbed by severe pain during menstruation. In time, treat inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, including chronic ones. In addition, special tests are recommended to determine the level of hormones.

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