Epidural anesthesia with caesarean section

Epidural anesthesia with caesarean section

On the threshold of childbirth, every woman in labor experiences anxiety and fear of the impending pain associated with the birth of a child. However, many of us have already heard more than once that childbirth without pain is not an invention, but a real phenomenon. Thanks to a new method of anesthesia, many women in labor experience a period of labor and labor without painful pain. BesidesAbout, even at planned cesarean section, the woman in child is in full consciousness and thus successfully gives birth, thanks to epidural anesthesia and high qualification of physicians. On the features, advantages and disadvantages of epidural anesthesia for Caesarean section, let's talk in detail in today's article.

Epidural anesthesia with caesarean section is that an anesthetic is injected into the lumbar region of the back between the vertebrae, which then blocks all pain sensations.

The main advantages of epidural anesthesia in cesarean section are:

  • the mother is in full consciousness, can see and hear the child, immediately after birth;
  • local anesthetics almost do not penetrate the baby's blood, that allows to prevent violation of breath and palpitation of the child;
  • epidural anesthesia does not irritate the upper respiratory tract, therefore this type of anesthesia is especially recommended for women with asthma;
  • As the duration of the operation increases, the anesthetist can easily inject additional doses of the drug through the catheter, prolonging the anesthesia.

With regard to the shortcomings of epidural anesthesia in cesarean section, we need to pay attention to the following:

  • the risk of getting medications inside the vessels is high, which can lead to seizures and a sharp decrease in pressure;
  • getting medication under the spider web of the spinal cord can lead to a stopping of breathing and even death. Therefore, with epidural anesthesia, a test dose is mandatory, which within two minutes determines the reaction of your body to this type of anesthesia;
  • on the technical side to inject into the epidural area, which is only 5 mm is very difficult, so an injection must be done only by an experienced specialist;
  • In some cases, after the operation, many women in labor give birth to headaches;
  • from the time of insertion of the needle and before the beginning of the caesarean section, a minimum of 10-20 minutes should pass, which is possible only with the planned cesarean section;
  • Sometimes signs of inadequate anesthesia can be observed, when the pain sensations are removed only from one side. In this case, it is necessary to tighten the catheter slightly for a couple of centimeters and re-introduce the anesthetic;
  • epidural anesthesia can cause neurological problems.

Given all the advantages and disadvantages of epidural anesthesia in caesarean section, it can be concluded that this type of anesthesia should only be carried out after a thorough examination of the parturient woman, a test dose of the drug and under the close supervision of the anesthesiologist. Only in this case, surgery and anesthesia will be under full control, without possible complications. In addition, if the cesarean section is an unavoidable operation and scheduled, you should not worry - your doctor has enough time to prepare you for the operation, to carry out all the necessary procedures and to prepare yourself. But for fear and excitement to disappear altogether, we note that epidural anesthesia in a cesarean section is done every day for many women in labor, so that our doctors do not have the experience. Well, according to reviews on the Internet you can understand that this type of anesthesia has earned popularity and approval from many mothers!

Good luck to you! Let your births pass easily and quickly!

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