Epigen spray during pregnancy

Epigen spray during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

The genital viruses and infections-gerpes, cytomegalovirus, papillomavirus infection are especially dangerous for the fetus. The complexity of treatment of intimate viral diseases in pregnant women is also the fact that almost all medicines for use during child-bearing are prohibited. But, at the same time, in the absence of necessary treatment, the infection progresses, threatening the health and life of the child. So what do you do?

Epigen spray during pregnancy - safe treatment and prevention

If there is a need to protect the fetus from possible negative consequences caused by the development or relapse of infectious diseases, a woman can be recommended to use the drug Epigen Spray at pregnancy. As shown by numerous studies, Epigen Spray is an absolutely safe tool for the treatment and prevention of many dangerous infectious diseases of the genital tract.

The main component of the drug is an extract of licorice root, whose value in medicine has been known for a long time. As indicated in the Drug Instruction, Epigen Spray, as an absolutely safe preparation, can be used in treatment at any time of pregnancy, and even during lactation. So, Epigen spray does not have absolutely no negative impact on the fetus and does not have the ability to cause any developmental abnormalities. But quite safely can be used as a treatment and prevention of many dangerous infectious diseases.

Indications for use

The spectrum of the drug is quite wide. So, Epigen spray is indicated for the prevention of a "flash" of relapse and actually for the treatment of genital herpes, causing developmental pathology in the baby and leading to miscarriages at any time of pregnancy.

Effective Epigen spray from cytomegaloviruses, can inhibit the development of the papilloma virus, preventing their effect on the fetus: possible pathologies of development and spontaneous abortion. The drug is used in the treatment of vaginal candidiasis, candidiasis vulvovaginitis, bacterial vaginosis.

In addition to antiviral, Epigen spray during pregnancy and immunomodulatory effects. The drug promotes the fastest recovery of the vaginal microflora, increases local immunity and prevents possible exacerbations of infections in the future. Under the influence of the means, there is also an early regeneration of damaged tissues, eliminating discomfort sensations in the form of itching and burning, eliminating edema.

Instruction and dosage

For maximum effect, the use of Epigen Spray in combination with a special intimate cleansing gel of the same brand is recommended. But, at the same time, Epigen spray can also be used as an "independent" drug - the drug is able to begin active exposure and without first cleaning the affected surface.

The course and duration of treatment is set by the doctor. Usually, the treatment course provides for both external processing of the genital organs and the use of the drug intravaginally. External use of the drug consists in spraying it onto the external genitalia - 3 times a day from a distance of 4-5 cm. Then the drug is administered intravaginally, for which a special nozzle is provided: a nozzle in the form of a hollow tube is inserted into the vagina, the drug is injected with 1-2 clicks on the valve. Duration of treatment can be from 6 days to 2 weeks - depending on the severity and specificity of the disease.

For preventive purposes Epigen spray is used on 37-38 week of pregnancy, 6 times a day the drug is sprayed onto the external genital organs from a distance of 3-4 cm. The average duration of the drug for prophylactic purposes is 5 days.

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