Erosion of the cervix during pregnancy

Cervical erosion in pregnancy - causes, symptoms, treatment

Erosion denotes a defect in the mucosa. The epithelium of the vaginal part of the cervix can be eroded by inflammation, chemical, traumatic and other injuries, hormonal failures, which can occur even due to the use of oral contraception and other hormonal drugs. Quite often, the development of erosion leads to infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, genital herpes, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, human papillomavirus). Erosion of the uterus can also appear due to pregnancy, severe labor, weight problems, inept syringing, etc. This disease occurs in about 70% of women of childbearing age. But true erosion is rare. Most often, this term means redness on the cervix, visible to the naked eye when viewed in mirrors, which is also called pseudo-erosion or ectopia. By the way, in the people such a defect is usually called erosion of the uterus, although in reality it is a question of the defeat of the cervix.

In most cases, cervical erosion is detected during a woman's examination by a gynecologist on the armchair, after which a swab and scraping can be taken to confirm the diagnosis, and if necessary, a direction for colposcopic examination (examination of the vaginal and wall conditions using a special colposcope device) . But the development of pathology can be suspected even earlier, if you are attentive to your body and the emerging symptoms. It happens that erosion of the cervix is ??accompanied by minor spotting spotting that occurs after the mechanical action on the neck: the same gynecological examination, vaginal douche, sexual intercourse. During sex, a woman can have pain in this area. However, the apparent discomfort of erosion of the cervix is ??rare, erosive processes, as a rule, are completely asymptomatic, especially at the initial stage of their development.

There is an opinion that it is impossible to treat eradicating girls and women with cervical erosion. In fact, we are talking about cauterization, which results in a scar that prevents the opening of the cervix and causes severe pain during labor: the uterus in this case is less stretched and tears more easily. But today there are many other methods of treating cervical erosion. For example, laser coagulation can be used to treat erosion in nulliparous women - this is the most modern and effective method.

But not to treat the erosion of the cervix is ??extremely dangerous. Especially if there is an infection. However, during pregnancy, it is still advised to stay away from it. But doctors must observe, including a cytological and colposcopic examination. However, everything depends on the causes of erosion and the stage of the disease. With a large amount of erosion or pathological changes in it, treatment may be necessary even during pregnancy.

Rarely, but still it happens that erosion itself passes after delivery without any impact. In other cases - safely treated. So to fall into a faint and exhaust yourself is not necessary. On the pregnancy itself and especially on the fetus erosion does not affect, and this is the most important thing now! But after the birth of a child, cervical erosion must necessarily be cured. In addition, the process will be aggravated, disruption of the normal state of the mucous membrane of the cervix is ??a very significant risk factor for the formation of cancer cells on this organ.

Modern medicine has in the arsenal of many effective methods of treating cervical erosion. The main thing is to take care of your health and not let everything go by itself.

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