Errors of ultrasound in determining the sex of the child

Errors of ultrasound in determining the sex of the child

But the questions do not end there, and then almost always the question of how accurate the result of the definition of sex. What can I say? 100% guarantee for who exactly is born, could only give the child's dad, because it affects the sex of the baby. But nature has conceived it to hide, and people in every possible way try to solve it "to correct".

So, according to the results of the research, the ultrasound method for determining the sex of a child is true by 90%. Errors exist, but they have an "excuse".

Reasons why ultrasound is wrong

  • A small period. The first mandatory ultrasound is performed at 10-13 weeks of gestation. Assign it (like everyone else) not to determine the sex of the child. Doctors have more weighty reasons to "shine through" a small fruit. But, since a pregnant woman can not wait to find out what color to buy a sweatshirt, then already at this time the doctor tries to determine the sex of the baby. What does he see? In fact, the genitals of a little man begin to form at 5-6 weeks, and up to 12 they are in fact already different, but very slightly. And the fetus itself is still so small that all its organs are easily confused.
  • Last weeks of pregnancy. It would seem that on the third mandatory ultrasound, the doctor will answer exactly who will be born soon. But, alas, it is now even more difficult to determine the sex of the baby. And not because a mistake is possible (because everything is already clearly formed and looks like a real child), but because the fruit is too big and it is so "compact" in the stomach, sometimes hiding its "charms".
  • Hardware and people. Truly, the ultrasound method is very "effective" in determining the sex of the child. And, in fact, he must give a 100% guarantee, because what is ultrasounds? This is not a fortune-teller, and not even an analysis, but a kind of X-ray that transmits to the monitor screen what is in the stomach. The mistake is not the sensor, but the doctor, which it operates. Most often, inexperienced oysters are mistaken, or those ultrasound specialists who do not practice with pregnant women. If the doctor has worked with this device and future mothers for a long time, then to determine the sex of the child with maximum accuracy it will not be difficult even for 12 weeks of pregnancy. Much depends also on the equipment itself. The old technology is unreliable in all plans, and new ultrasound devices give new opportunities.
  • Ethics. And one more important point in the errors of ultrasound. There are many opinions of psychologists about whether it is worthwhile to determine the sex of the baby before it is born. On the one hand, doctors argue that if there are hereditary diseases in the male line, for example, it is important to determine the sex of the child at the first stages and take the necessary measures. And what are they? Abortion? This is also an occasion for argument.

Some psychologists say that ultrasound errors in determining a child's sex are the cause of postpartum depression in women. At the same time, with the correct "diagnosis" of the sex of the baby, the woman has every chance to prevent depression. For example, there are 5 boys in the family. Decided on the girl, and ultrasound showed the 6th boy. And now the woman has time to put up with this idea and fall in love with the sixth heir even before his birth.

Whatever it was, but at times the most unmistakable is the female intuition. Personally, I predicted a second daughter (by 50%), and I was sure that my son would be born.

Good for you sons and daughters!

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