Exercises after cesarean section

Exercises after cesarean section

So, exercises can be performed right in bed, getting up in a sitting position and putting a pillow under your back.

Leg exercises (repeat 10 times):

  • rotate the feet in each direction;
  • go to the bends and extensions of the feet;
  • Press your knees against the wall of the bed, hold this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position;
  • then alternately bend and pull one leg.

Belly exercises (performed within 2-3 minutes):

  • Carry out circular strokes with the palm of your hand across the entire abdomen in a clockwise direction from right to left;
  • Follow the stroking of the abdomen from the top down the straight muscles of the abdomen;
  • go to the strokes from the bottom up and from top to bottom, and also in the direction of the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

Exercises for the chest (take 2-3 minutes):

  • Start by stroking the front and side of the chest;
  • continue stroking the bottom up to the axilla;
  • massage the left side of the chest with your right hand, and the left side with the left;

Lumbar Exercises (repeat 5-10 times):

  • Bring your hands behind your back and stroke the lumbar region with the back of the palm from top to bottom and in side.

Breathing exercises:

  • place your hands over your chest and count "one-two" deep in your chest, then "three-four "Exhale the air, lightly pressing the chest with your hands;
  • Put your palms on the seams area and into the count "one-two" deeply inhale, inflating the stomach. Now on the account of "three-four" exhale air, as much as possible drawing in itself a stomach.

As you recover from cesarean section, you can add a more complex set of exercises, which includes slopes, squats, and exercises on fitball. However, we advise you to consult with your doctor before the next session. We also recommend that you do not try to perform complex exercises at once. Listen to your body and do it slowly, but systematically. It should be noted that normal restoration of tissues for the formation of a proper scar is, as a rule, about 5-6 weeks. Therefore, enter more complex exercises after this time.

We wish you to recover as soon as possible and feel cheerful, healthy and happy!

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