Exercises after childbirth

Physical exercises after childbirth - when to start and how to perform

Please note that the recovery process is not so simple and takes several months, Even if the training will be strengthened.

First of all, take care of yourself and do not lead a too passive lifestyle. Mobilize your internal resources and start doing physical exercises. You can start training one month after the birth. Gradually the load can be increased. Distribute the exercises into groups, different exercises will help strengthen the abdomen, chest and hips.

Exercises to strengthen the abdomen and waist

Lie on your back, raise your legs at a right angle. Put your hands behind your head. Straining the muscles of the back and buttocks. Then alternately push the legs, do it slowly and with effort. For the first time, repeat the exercise six times, and then reach up to 20 repetitions.

We become so that the legs are shoulder-width apart. We straighten our back. We take with the left hand the wrist of the right. Then we raise our hands above our heads, and hold them until we count to three. Then we lower our hands and change them. As a result, you must do 5 exercises per hand.

Exercises to strengthen the hips and buttocks

Lay on your back and your left foot on the knee of your right foot. The hip of the left leg is turned outward. Then pull the right knee to the chest, you should feel an intense stretch. Keep the thigh in tension for about 5-10 breaths. Then slowly lower and relax. We perform the exercise 3 times per foot.

Lie on your side and bend your knees. Next, we squeeze the ball between the knees. Leaning on the arm, we lift the body, and we pull the free hand, holding the head, in the same direction. At the same time, the ball should be squeezed and unclenched between the knees. Parties need to be changed. Exercise begins to repeat 10 times, and then increase to 20 repetitions.

Exercises to strengthen the back

We stand on all fours, with the knees bred in the sides. Put your hands on the width of your shoulders and bend at the elbows. Further, we raise our hands to the side so that our fingers look at each other. We nurse the stomach, and slowly lower the body to the floor, the nose must touch the ground. Then alternately lower and raise the body 10 times.

Lie on your back, throw your arms, bend them in the elbows and set them aside. Legs bend in the knees and slightly push apart. Further we press a backbone to a floor, we strain buttocks and we rise upwards so that from a floor 3-4 vertebraes were torn off. Frozen in this position for 10 seconds and gently lowered. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

The load should be increased with time, and then you can regain the old figure. When exercising, pay attention to proper nutrition. Do not forget about walks in the fresh air together with the baby.

Finally, I would like to add some tips:

  • Loads should be done regularly, and several times a day;
  • For a prone exercise, choose a flat surface;
  • all movements must be smooth;
  • the room where you practice regularly, ventilate;
  • Choose the right clothes;
  • exercise after breastfeeding;
  • go to the toilet before doing the exercises.

Adhering to all of the above, your figure will be slim again, and you will feel like a beloved woman.

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