Exercises for the abdomen after childbirth

How to clean the abdomen after childbirth with the help of exercises

We bring to your attention a specially developed complex of exercises, performing which can significantly reduce fat deposits in the abdominal area. However, before you begin to implement it, you should consider some of the nuances:

  • before training, be sure to do a little workout to prepare the muscles for the subsequent load. For this you can jump with a rope, run or just dance to music;
  • During each exercise, hold the press in constant tension and carefully follow the technique of execution;
  • train at full strength and as intensely as possible so that the desired result does not wait.
  • Begin training with one approach for each exercise, gradually increasing the load to four approaches.
  • Watch your breath. The correct breathing during classes should be as follows: on exhalation we strain the muscles of the press and as deeply as possible draw in the anterior wall of the abdomen, while relaxing the ribs. On inspiration, try not to relax the muscles of the press, the abdominal wall remains retracted.
  • the frequency of training should be at least three times a week, a maximum - every day.
  • An hour before and after exercise is forbidden to eat.

Next, proceed to the basic set of exercises to work on the press.

Stretching muscles:

  1. on inhalation maximally round the abdomen, on exhalation - we draw the belly, down to the spine and stay for a few seconds in this position. Exercise is done 10 times for 5 approaches.
  2. from the prone position on the abdomen, maximally bend back and stay in this position for a few seconds. Exercise is done 10 times for 4-5 approaches.

Exercises for the press:

  1. Lying on your back, bend your knees at a right angle so that the main support falls on your heels. Then stretch his hands behind his head and slowly lift the upper part of the trunk to an angle of about 300. We repeat the exercise 10-12 times.
  2. To work out the lateral muscles of the abdomen, lie on your back, resting your head on your hands and bending your knees. The left foot is thrown over the right foot and the body is raised, turning it to the right. We return to the starting position and repeat the exercise, changing the position of the feet. Exercise 5-10 times in each direction.
  3. For the central and lateral muscles of the abdomen, do the following exercise: lying on your back, raise your legs perpendicular to the floor and cross them. Hands stretch along the body. Further, leaning on hands, a little we raise and lower a basin. Exercise 3-5 times.
  4. In conclusion, we fix the result with the help of such an exercise: from standing position and holding on to any support (window sill, back of the chair), swing backwards first with the right foot, then with the left foot. We perform the exercise 10-15 times for each leg.

Doing all the above exercises on a regular basis, you will quickly return your tummy to its former form and hear in your address more than one compliment. We wish you success and excellent results. Be healthy and beautiful!

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