Exercises kegel for women after childbirth

Exercises kegel for women after childbirth

When after the birth it is possible to do Kegel exercises

There is an opinion that it is better to start classes several months after the birth, but this is not so. The earlier the newly mummy begins to pay attention to muscle training, the faster she will be able to return to her usual daily life. Therefore, it is recommended to perform special exercises for the second day after the appearance of the baby. It must be remembered that initially the load should be small, and from complex techniques and should be abandoned altogether. Moreover, if painful sensations or discomfort appear during the training, then it should be postponed for a few more days.

But if the birth was difficult, and the woman received any serious injuries or was stitched in the perineum, she would have to give up even such minor physical exertions. If the healing of the wounds is successful, then the exercise is allowed to begin two weeks after the birth of the baby. It is advisable to consult a gynecologist beforehand.

It should also be remembered that in addition to injuries received during childbirth, there are other contraindications for gymnastics. It is not recommended to do exercises in the presence of serious violations in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, inflammatory diseases of genital organs, oncology, as well as intensive bleeding.

Many newly mummies may think that such exercises are absolutely not required to restore the body. But if you regularly train the muscles of the vagina, you will be able to get rid of such problems as urinary incontinence, stretching of tissues, and lowering of internal organs. And sexual intimacy will become more diverse and brighter for both partners, since the tension of the vaginal muscles makes the orgasm longer and stronger. This is why Kegel exercises are recommended not only in the postpartum period, but also in everyday life.

How to perform Kegel exercises after birth

Of course, you should not think that this kind of gymnastics is given simply. Maybe, The first few days will not work, but do not despair and stop training. It is best to begin with the simplest exercise that will prepare the perineal muscles for more complex techniques.

It's hard to believe, but the first workout should start in the toilet. During urination, you must periodically stop the flow of fluid for a few seconds, and then resume. This will help you learn to better control the muscles of the vagina. When the technique is mastered, it is necessary to increase the delay time of the jet to fifteen seconds, and if this does not cause any difficulties, then we can start studying the next exercise.

It is necessary to sit comfortably on the floor or hard mattress, placing a small pillow under the buttocks. You need to sharpen the muscles of the vagina and literally immediately relax. It may seem that no changes occur, but after two weeks of training the result will be noticeable. Adjust the force of the compressions and their speed, depending on your own sensations.

The following technique differs from the previous one only in that the muscles need to be strained and held in this position for a few seconds, preferably minutes. It is recommended to do fifteen repetitions in one session. To feel, how much muscles have got stronger, it is possible during the sexual certificate or act. To do this, you should try to squeeze the partner's member for a few seconds. If the couple is not in a hurry to return to sex in the days after the birth, then you can experiment with intimate toys.

To correctly perform the last exercise, will have to try very hard. As you know, the vagina is a kind of tube, which consists of muscle fibers, so you should learn how to use them separately from each other. It is recommended to lie down comfortably and gradually squeeze and relax each tier, slowly moving upwards.

It should be remembered that during the exercises you do not need to strain the abdominal muscles, draw it in, and even hold your breath. The entire body except the pelvic area should be as relaxed as possible. It is recommended to resort to the techniques listed above and, if desired, sneeze or cough, as this will help to avoid involuntary urination, which affects many women after childbirth.

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