Extract from the hospital

Extract from the hospital


The terms of discharge from the hospital depend on many factors: from the method of delivery, the state of the child and the mother, the absence of complications after childbirth. The decision on discharge is taken by an obstetrician-gynecologist and pediatrician (neonatologist) after an examination of the mother and child. And, if the child's condition does not allow to make an extract in the near future, the mother can be discharged and the baby left under supervision. If the discharge is not due to the mother for health reasons, the child remains with her in the hospital until she is cured. Usually, if the birth is natural and without complications, both the mother and the newborn feel satisfactory, the discharge from the hospital takes place 3-5 days after the appearance of the crumbs into the light. If the delivery was performed by caesarean section, it will take a long time for recovery - within 7-10 days: this time is necessary to restore the woman's body, for treatment and primary healing of the sutures.

examination of the mother and baby

An extract from the hospital will be allowed after the mother is examined by a gynecologist and the baby by a pediatrician. Usually the examination takes place in the first half of the day, and if the results are positive and nothing prevents the mother with the child from allowing the discharge, the actual discharge is made already in the afternoon - usually after 14 hours. Criteria for the mother's readiness for discharge are: positive results of ultrasound of the pelvic organs, blood and urine tests; restoration of uterine contractions, normal amount, odor and color of discharge, steady lactation. About the fact that the infant is ready to leave for the discharge and the meeting with the outside world, he will be told: his state of health, normal skin condition, umbilical cord without signs of infection, normal stool and urination, the beginning of weight gain and the decline of the characteristic jaundice in the postpartum period. In addition, before getting out of the hospital, the baby should receive all the mandatory vaccinations.

Relevant documents

An extract from the hospital suggests issuing certain documents to the woman. Extract and conclusion about the state of health of the mother - in the future, mother will transfer it to a medical institution, which was observed during pregnancy. Another conclusion Mom will receive with information about the state of health of the baby - it will have to be transferred to a children's polyclinic. By the way, ideally, upon receipt of this conclusion by the polyclinic on the 1-2 day of the mother's stay with the child at home, a children's doctor or nurse must come to visit them. Also, a certificate of the birth of the child is given to the mother: it contains information about the time and date of birth of the crumbs, it indicates its gender, the name of the midwife who took delivery. This certificate is needed for the subsequent receipt of a birth certificate and a one-time benefit. Documents mom gets at the post of a nurse, but it happens that doctors give the paper "povroz": the obstetrician - his part, the pediatrician - his own.

preparation and meeting with relatives

When relatives and relatives come to meet mom with a child from the hospital, they will say this at the "place of references and transfers." At the same time, the staff will inform the woman that they are already waiting for her, therefore, she will only be left to meet. Collect things and prepare for a meeting better in advance, so as not to force relatives to wait and not detain physicians. Although, of course, no one limits the time for gathering. A toddler needs to be dressed for the season, usually a smart gala envelope suitable for the occasion is used for discharge. If we talk about clothes for my mother: she should be taken with her still at the stage of gathering in the maternity hospital. Births began suddenly, and the woman went to the hospital in what was at that time? In this case, things for discharge to her on the eve of bring relatives.

When both mom and baby are dressed, and things are collected, a woman with a child goes out to meet. And, according to tradition, the baby is handed to the relatives by the nurse. One of the latest fashion trends is the solemn meeting of the mother and baby with video and photography: if parents want to capture an important moment on the tape, they can agree on a survey with one of the many companies that offer such services.

Is it allowed to visit relatives on the same day as my mother and baby were discharged? You can, if the visit is short-lived (preferably not longer than 30 minutes). At the same time, all guests will necessarily have to follow the rules of personal hygiene and avoid direct contact with the newborn.

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