Fastum gel during pregnancy

Fastum gel during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

If earlier with pain in the waist and pelvic region the woman boldly used different warming ointments, including Fastum gel, then during pregnancy, doubts arise.

It would seem that this is not a big problem, but it is during the period of bearing a child that pains in the lower back. This is because, that the center of gravity of the pregnant woman shifts. In addition, other factors include weight gain, pelvic enlargement, calcium deficiency.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to move, and, perhaps, lie, and the pain becomes strong. In this case, pain can be removed with the help of Fastum gel. But here there are limitations.

First, you can use the drug only in the first and second trimester of pregnancy, if there is a serious need and the appropriate instructions of your doctor. But at the last stage of bearing a child - the third trimester - Fastum gel is strictly forbidden to use.

Secondly, this gel is one of the best drugs for pain local action. Substance, which is part of the drug - ketoprofen - quickly removes inflammation and eliminates pain. Caution in use should be shown, because the gel quickly and deeply penetrates into soft tissues. Plus, that at the beginning of pregnancy, it does not cause any side effects. It can be used for both lumbar pain and bruises, dislocations and sprains.

Way of application:

  • apply a thin layer of gel on the affected area;
  • gently rub it;
  • the procedure can be done only once a day;
  • the course of treatment should last no more than ten days;

Knowing that pregnancy can cause different pains is better still to prevent pain in the lower back and hip joints. Therefore, if you become pregnant, make sure that your body receives enough calcium and other trace elements. Eat more nuts, meat, fish and always enter into your diet cottage cheese. All this will not only strengthen the body, but also help in the development of a small embryo inside you.

The best prevention is sports and exercise. Such exercises maximally strengthen the muscles, and you will not so often complain about the pain in the joints.

Fastum gel is little when effective, if you use it yourself. Consult your doctor before use. He will advise the best way to use and recommend how to cope with the problem of back pain in the future.

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