Fat during pregnancy

Fat during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

Proper nutrition during pregnancy

There is an opinion among the people that future mothers should eat twice as much as before. They say that they have to eat for two. This myth leads to the fact that in the last terms of bearing, women are transformed into walking koloboks, suffering from obesity and acquiring a mass of concomitant diseases. The child reaches the weight of 3-4 kilograms by the end of the term, and moms sometimes recover by 20-25 kilograms in 9 months. To avoid this, you need to know: an ordinary woman needs 1700 to 2000 kilocalories per day, and a pregnant woman needs 2500. Such a norm covers all expenses of both mothers and fetuses that go to the formation of the placenta, amniotic fluid and membranes, the uterus.

Fat accumulation during childbearing is a normal phenomenon within reasonable limits. It is justified by the need to replenish the energy reserves after childbirth, during the breastfeeding of the child. That's why a woman should systematically gain weight from 10-12 weeks of the term. Fat accumulates at the waist, buttocks, thighs - problem areas, and this accumulation is completed by the 32nd week of pregnancy. Excessive fat deposition always negatively affects the course of pregnancy, childbirth, the formation of the child itself. That's why for future mothers there are classes on special programs, including healthy diet, information on the norms of eating foods, vitamins. They need to be adhered to for their own good and the good of the baby. Remember the double responsibility of the future mother needs every day, because even a good portion of herring consumed at night can cause not only edema and a load on the kidneys, but a significant deterioration in well-being. The same goes for fat.

Fat use

The use of fat for the diet is determined by the combination of fatty acids (palmitic, linoleic and oleic), carotene, vitamins D, A, E.

eating fat heals the liver. Its combination with the best vegetable antioxidant garlic enhances the benefit of the product. Salo has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Selenium, contained in fat, is needed for pregnant women and nursing mothers, and for athletes.

External application of this product facilitates arthritis and arthrosis, burns and frostbites, mastitis and eczema. Salo contributes to the elimination of heel spur and toothache. It helps to remove toxins from the body, carcinogenic substances. This property of fat determines its value as a preventive product in the prevention of cancer.

Salted fat in pregnancy

So, can you eat lard to future mothers? It is not recommended to abuse fats of animal origin, because these are carbohydrates. Especially, when it comes to salted fat, then you need to consider two dangerous factors. First, high caloric content of fat - from 720 kilocalories per 100 grams, which corresponds to the caloric value of a full-fledged lunch. Secondly, salt in this product delays the fluid in the body of a pregnant woman, and therefore, promotes edema formation. Therefore, with a strong desire, a woman should give preference to a low-salted product or generally unsalted piece in 20, a maximum of 30 grams.

Smoked fat at pregnancy

It is necessary to know that the usual smoking contributes to the transfer of the product to the category of carcinogens. This has long been known. In addition, smoked products of mass production contain in their composition a lot of additives: preservatives and stabilizers, dyes and flavors. They are far from harmless for the health of a pregnant woman and create an additional burden on the liver, GIT, kidneys. By the way, even an absolutely healthy person with the use of smoked bacon can feel pain and tremors in the liver. This is the reaction of the body to supplements contained in smoked fat. In addition, supplements can cause an allergy in the future mother's body.

Especially insecure cold smoking. The duration of the process accumulates radioactive isotopes in the product.

So, for pregnant women, lard will do more harm than good. And if the future mother has already gained excess weight, it is better to forget about your favorite product for a while, especially its smoked form, for the benefit of the future child. Well, wait a little, time flies imperceptibly!

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