Favorable days for pregnancy

How to determine the most favorable days for conception?

There are so-called favorable days for pregnancy - a short period of time in the middle of the menstrual cycle of a woman, the most successful baby for conception. On average, this interval is several days - from 6 to 8: a mature egg is ready for fertilization from one to three days, and spermatozoa remain active for two to three days. Having calculated in the appropriate way, for what time the days favorable for pregnancy come, the couple should at this time be engaged in sex daily. There are several methods for determining favorable days for conception: it is a calendar method, a method of basal body temperature, a method for studying cervical mucus. So, the calendar method involves tracking the menstrual cycle by days; method of basal temperature - measurement of this temperature and drawing up of the corresponding schedule; a method for the study of precipitates - monitoring of moisture and elasticity of precipitates.

As for the ideal age for the onset of a favorable pregnancy: it is believed that it should be 20-25 years for a future mother and 25-30 years for a future father. In 20-25 years, the woman's body is the most prepared for bearing and giving birth to a baby - right now all its systems are working at full capacity, which means they are able to provide the baby with everything necessary. The man, in turn, is also in the prime of life: until the age of 30, the male reproductive system produces three times more spermatozoa than at the age of 40 years. In addition, psychologically, such a couple is more prepared for the birth of a child. And yet, a favorable pregnancy even in this ideal age for her offensive will only be in case it becomes planned. When planning pregnancy, you must pass the appropriate tests, avoid stress and colds, and 2 months before the onset of pregnancy - to lead a maximally healthy lifestyle: eliminate bad habits, eat well and sleep well. Thus, the chances of conceiving a healthy and hardy baby grow at times.

If we talk about the time of the year, the most suitable for bearing a baby: many experts agree that the best time for a favorable pregnancy is the period when the first trimester falls on autumn, and the birth occurs in spring-summer. For the first three months of pregnancy, in this case, the time of the year occurs, when in excess of natural vitamins, the weather is not hot and not stuffy, but the cold has not yet come. Therefore, the future mother will receive all the necessary nutrients from natural products, besides, she has the opportunity to enjoy outdoor walks, which she now needs so much. The second trimester will be in the winter months: this period of pregnancy is considered the most calm and invulnerable, and therefore even if the pregnant woman has a cold, it will not be as dangerous as in the first and third trimester. And, finally, the last trimester will be for the spring-early summer, which are characterized by the return of warm days. First they will give the opportunity to spend more time in the fresh air pregnant, and in the future, mom and baby will enjoy walks together. The lack of vitamins, common at this time of the year, can always be filled at the expense of special vitamin complexes for pregnant women. It is also convenient that as warming, it will be possible to gradually get rid of warm clothes, so interfering with the presence of an already grown large abdomen.

Generally, a favorable pregnancy is one that the spouses desired and planned. It is a favorable pregnancy that makes it possible in most cases to take out a baby without any complications, and then to bring it up in love and joy.

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