Fear of childbirth

How to overcome the fear of childbirth?

In today's article, we will consider the main reasons for the occurrence of a feeling of fear of childbirth and will acquaint you with practical advice on how to get rid of it.

Causes of fear of childbirth

As a rule, the main causes of fear of childbirth are stereotypes, inspired since the days of Soviet medicine, where they treated maternity patients, disrespectfully, and the child was and at all soulless being. That's why, after hearing a story from our moms and grandmothers, you can just shudder. The head clearly fixes fear of birth pain, fear of ruptures and cuts, horror and panic that the child can be traumatized, the fear of dying during childbirth. It seems that pregnancy is nine months of a serious illness. However, in fact, pregnancy is not a disease, but a natural, physiological state. In addition, for sure, among your friends there are those women who gave birth in the modern maternity home. Ask them, what is the approach to women in childbirth now? After all, medicine is rapidly evolving, and if earlier there could be no pain and speech, now you can be offered: epidural, spinal anesthesia, childbirth, special fitness equipment (fitball) to relieve pain during labor. In addition, the support of medical personnel and close people (who can now be present at birth), also plays an important role in the extermination of fear of childbirth.

If you are not well informed about pregnancy and childbirth, then the fear of childbirth will be due precisely because you do not know or do not understand any aspects. In order to calm down the alarm, you just need to study the literature or consult a specialist about the issues that interest you. In addition, the courses of expectant mothers are specially created to help you find out everything about pregnancy and childbirth.

Ways to combat fears of childbirth

First, do not try to avoid this feeling or pretend that there is no fear. In order to overcome fear - you need to look at him in the "face". It is very important to be open, not shy of your feelings, talk to your husband, doctor, midwife or any person you trust. Formulate your reason for fear, and you will certainly find the answer to important questions for you. This will allow you to get rid of fantasies and imagination in your head, and much more objective assessment of the upcoming situation.

Secondly, protect yourself from negative information: do not watch frightening videos, do not communicate with too emotional people who scare you with their stories. Make it clear to everyone and yourself, first of all, that your birth will pass easily, because you are so attuned, and no one will persuade you. Set yourself the goal to prove to everyone that childbirth is a wonderful process that will give you a meeting with a long-awaited baby.

Third, learn to relax and be distracted from negative thoughts. To do this, get pregnant for fitness, visit yoga classes for expectant mothers, think of a hobby, communicate more often with people who will provide you with a good mood. Enjoy the pregnancy and remember that giving birth is a natural process, to which every woman is ready. And you are no exception!

Well, if all of the above methods did not help you overcome the fear of childbirth, then it would not be superfluous to consult a psychologist. Perhaps the source of fear is a very different reason that the specialist will determine.

In any case, remember: the fear of childbirth is a natural phenomenon that can be easily overcome, you just need to!

Good luck to you and easy birth!

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