Fears during pregnancy

How to get rid of fears during pregnancy?

The state of anxiety during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon and is associated primarily with the change in the hormonal background of a woman. However, many women can not cope with their anxious thoughts and fears and further exacerbate the situation, thereby undermining their psychological state. Do I need to talk about how the anxiety of mom affects the development of the child? Therefore, In this article we will try to understand the origins of fears during pregnancy and try to get rid of them.

So, the first thing we need to determine is the very concept of fear or simply figure out what we are afraid of? After all, as soon as we understand the cause and find a way to eliminate it - fear itself will disappear. This is the first point in order to ease the condition.

The most common factors of fear during pregnancy are:

  • an unplanned pregnancy. As soon as the future mother sees the coveted two strips, instead of joy in the head pop up pictures with alcohol on the eve of alcohol, the number of cigarettes smoked and the diseases transferred;
  • complications during pregnancy, which can affect the development of the baby. Future mothers are afraid to spend time at the computer, analyze all the vaccinations made in childhood, avoid crowded places and so on;
  • Fear of giving birth to an inferior child due to irreversible natural and genetic factors;
  • fear of getting better and becoming "not beautiful";
  • Fear not to cope with the role of the mother;
  • fear of childbirth, fear of pain;
  • anxiety for the future of the child and fear of change in the family, in connection with the birth of the child;
  • fear of a child's health, both during pregnancy and after his birth.

Well, how? Do you recognize your status in the list provided? Then let's take a closer look at what to do with these fears and how to defeat the anxious state.

To begin with, the emergence of fear and anxiety is in fact quite good. The fact is that a particular fear is a psychological defense for the process of adaptation to new conditions, namely pregnancy. Now we need to learn how to deal with anxiety. For this, it is necessary in detail to imagine your fear and the supposed outcome in all details. Do not be afraid to consider your fear at this stage: the more details, the sooner you will find a way out of the situation. This is a kind of labyrinth in which you get lost in finding the right door.

So, for example, considering the first fear of an unplanned pregnancy, you can simply go through a thorough medical examination and within a few days to find out what "threatens" your child. However, according to experts, if no pathologies are found in the first 12 weeks - you should not worry, often there should not be any further problems.

As for the fear of childbirth, it can be easily overcome by attending special training courses for childbirth. In such courses you will be offered psycho-prophylactic training and help to eliminate negative emotions. In addition, the presence of a loved one at the delivery significantly calms. Therefore, tune in to the fact that, in addition to professionals who take in every 100 mothers every day, close to you will be a close person who will support and "not give you offense."

To stop worrying about the health of the child and not be afraid of responsibility for him, as well as changes in the family - you just need to read the literature or consult with a specialist about the features of the physiology of newborns. Visit training courses for the care of newborns, talk with friends who have recently become moms, consult your relatives more often, share your anxieties. Once you understand that you have a lot of helpers, the alarm will go away. Moreover, the most restful factor is that many women have experienced your present condition, but this did not affect their ability to become a mother. Perhaps in such courses you will find new friends and girlfriends who will tell you how to get rid of anxiety and show by your own example that such a state does not prevent being a wonderful mom.

If none of the above does not help and fear turns into a phobia, then do not delay a visit to a psychologist or a psychotherapist. Very many women are assisted by a specialist in psychology, and there is nothing shameful about this. The health of a child and your condition is much more important than the usual stereotypes associated with psychotherapy.

And in conclusion, remember that reliable information can change any situation. The most important thing is your desire! Good luck and good health!

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