Feces during pregnancy

Causes of color feces during pregnancy

The color of feces is far from a trifle during pregnancy: it signals the work of your liver, and it is during this period that it works harder than ever. First of all, she is responsible for the preservation of feces, and the color, smell and consistency of it can vary slightly, because virtually every pregnant woman takes multivitamin complexes. And they all necessarily contain iron. Iron, in turn, stains the stool black. According to physicians, the color of the stool becomes black, because in this way an excess of iron leaves the body. What the body needs, it assimilates, and the rest "gives away" with feces, staining it at the same time in the appropriate color. So to change vitamins and even more so - to stop to drink them, it is not necessary. It is even said that if the color of the feces changes, then it means that the vitamins are actually real and good.

Actually monitor your state of health - if you are sure that the feces turned black due to the fact that you are taking multivitamins or some other medicine, but feel great at the same time - do not worry and Do not drop medications, although the doctor still notify. If you really do not know what the color of the chair has changed from - conduct an experiment to make sure: just do not consume vitamins for a few days. The color should be normalized.

The color of feces can change during pregnancy, and because of the dyes in the food that the pregnant woman uses. Especially able to "color" blood sausage, blueberries, currants, liver, beets.

But if the black feces appeared for no reason at all - and the color change is not related to taking multivitamins or food, then it is better to do a general and biochemical blood test. If you have previously diagnosed a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, the doctor will recommend taking another analysis of feces for hidden blood, because black stools may also be a symptom of gastric bleeding. But the consistency is still different from the above cases, because it becomes still liquid, its color is more like a coffee grounds, and the blood there is visible as it really is, and the future mommy begins to feel unwell: sweats, turns pale . In this case, you just need to immediately to the surgeon.

With internal bleeding, feces in pregnant women will be almost black - tar - colors. And do not forget: such bleeding is still very rare phenomenon, and if such, unfortunately, happens, it reflects primarily on the health of the mother, and certainly not on the color of her feces.

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