Ferro-Folgamma during pregnancy

Ferro-Folgamma in pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

As you know, with the onset of pregnancy the amount of blood increases - and because of this the concentration of iron in it sharply decreases. As a result of such changes, hemoglobin levels in the blood fall, which is unsafe for the future mother and child.

Therefore, future mothers are often credited with drugs to restore the deficit of iron and other substances. One such means is Ferro-Folgamma in pregnancy.

Ferro-Folgamma during pregnancy: instruction

From the school chemistry course, almost everyone remembers that the farm is iron. And already with the name of the drug, it is not difficult to guess its purpose: Ferro-Folgamma is indicated in conditions accompanied by iron deficiency anemia and a shortage of some other substances. Such conditions can occur not only during pregnancy, but also against the background of significant blood loss (including bleeding internal organs), alcohol abuse, due to some infections or taking certain medications (like anticonvulsant contraceptives).

Ferro-Folgamma active substances are not only iron. In addition to ferrous sulfate, the preparation also contains ascorbic, folic acid, cyanocobalamin (and auxiliary substances). In all of them there is an increased need for the period of bearing of the child, so the drug is often recommended by obstetrician-gynecologists to their patients as a treatment and prevention of iron deficiency conditions.

In the first trimester, his reception is not desired, and from the second and third trimester, according to the indications, 1 capsule of Ferro-Folgamma is prescribed 3 times a day (after meals).


Ferro-Folgamma belongs to the group of multivitamin pharmaceuticals, but requires caution in the application.

Mainly, you should make sure that you have no contraindications to the use of Ferro-Folgamma in pregnancy:

  • liver failure;
  • hemochromatosis;
  • hemosiderosis;
  • anemia of a different origin (hemolytic, megaloblastic, aplastic, sidero-sacral);
  • intolerance to the components of the drug.

If the doctor advised you this drug and you started using it, you should also follow the reaction of your body, since side effects can not be ruled out: urticaria, eczema, anaphylactic shock, depression, nervous disorders system, sleep disorders, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, gastralgia.

Since iron and folic acid digestibility is disturbed by interaction with a number of substances, Ferro-Folgamma is not recommended to be combined with coffee, tea, milk and dairy products, bread, eggs and a variety of medications. Therefore, it is worthwhile to warn the doctor, if you are taking any pharmaceutical.

Ferro-Folgamma should be taken during pregnancy only on the advice of a doctor and under his supervision: it is regularly necessary to monitor serum iron and hemoglobin.

Please note that Ferro-Folgamma stains a black stool during pregnancy - it is absolutely not dangerous and does not affect the effectiveness of therapy.

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