Festal during pregnancy

Can I take Festal during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and digestion

In the first trimester of the term, a hormone progesterone is produced in the female body, the task of which is to reduce the motor activity of the uterus and prevent miscarriage. But the effect of this hormone negatively affects the state of the digestive system. Sometimes this is manifested by a decrease in the level of acidity of the stomach, which leads to bloating, constipation, heartburn, nausea. Women complain of a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, without even eating. Such problems affect the emotional state. After all, pregnant women worry about the slightest occasion, become irritable, hypochondriac. In such cases, doctors recommend that future mothers take enzyme preparations. Such drugs help to quickly break down fats and metabolize carbohydrates, proteins. However, not all enzyme medicines are permitted for use during pregnancy.

Briefly about Festal

It is a safe drug containing amylase, lipase and protease (enzymes). These substances are involved in the process of digestion and catalyze the production of enzymes by the digestive organs.

Indications for taking medication are chronic diseases of the digestive system, cystic fibrosis, disruption of the functioning of the digestive tract as a result of resection or irradiation of the peritoneal organs.

Festal has a number of contraindications, including acute pancreatitis, chronic at the stage of exacerbation, diseases and bile ducts and liver, intestinal obstruction. Do not take this medicine when using iron-containing drugs, because it reduces their digestibility.

The instruction recommends taking the drug during meals according to the dosage prescribed by the doctor. As for the side effects of the drug, it is pain in the lower abdomen, vomiting, nausea, sneezing, tearing, inflammation of the membranes of the nose, eyes, mouth. Allergic reactions in the form of skin rashes are possible.

Medication and pregnancy

Despite safety, this enzyme means to accept future mothers is undesirable. He is appointed only when the benefit to the mother exceeds the possible risk for the future baby. In other words, when a woman is very ill, a doctor and only he can allow a future mother to take Festal's pill. And this is provided that it is not helped to eliminate the problem of folk remedies, the establishment of a diet, its balance.

If there are no side effects after taking the drug, then a woman in late rock can take it episodically, rather than on a regular basis. After all, it's still a cure. And in pregnancy, the female body can be unpredictable. He can respond unconventionally to those medications that were well tolerated before the baby was born.

In addition, problems with the stomach in pregnant women often arise and not only because of a disorder of the digestive system. That's why it is worth consulting with the therapist if you have complaints about the work of the digestive tract and listen to his recommendations.

Festal in early pregnancy

The first trimester is the most important period of gestation, because all the organs of a future child are formed. Therefore, enzymatic preparations, to which Festal belongs, can not be used. The medicine can harm mother and fetus. If the initial period of gestation in a woman passes with complications, then this medicine is strictly prohibited.

Use it with the permission of the doctor can only be from the second trimester, if the pregnancy is normal.

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