Fetus at the 10th week of pregnancy

Fetus at the 10th week of pregnancy - weight and size of the fetus, photo

Our grandmothers tried to predict the sex of the child, looking at the shape of the belly of the future mother, her appearance, as well as the presence or absence of pigment spots. Moreover, in many cases, the results were confirmed. And although traditional medicine does not recognize these methods, we still decided to acquaint you with one of them, namely - we will try to determine the sex of the future baby by palpitation.

How to determine the sex of the baby by heartbeat: method one

The first method is based on the fact that when listening to the heartbeat of the unborn child should be based on the fact that the heart rhythm of girls is much more intense and faster, than boys. In this case, the girls' heart rate is no more than 150 boas per minute, and the heart of the boys beats at a speed of about 120 beats per minute. However, to say exactly when to conduct this test for the most accurate results can not even folk healers. Typically, these calculations are attempted after 20 weeks of pregnancy, from time to time comparing the results.

How to determine the sex of the baby by heartbeat: method two

The second way to determine the gender of the child by heartbeat is not to count the number of strokes, but to listen to the very heart rhythm of the baby's future. National healers and midwives say that boys have a heart beat rhythmically, measuredly: the fat & hellip; tuk & hellip; tuk. . But girls have a heart rhythm more chaotic, and does not coincide with the parent: Knock-Knock.

How to determine the sex of the child by heartbeat: method three

The third way to determine the sex of the child on a heartbeat is based on the location of the baby's heart, to be exact, the fetus itself. If you believe this theory, that boys and girls live in the abdomen of the future mother, being in different positions. Thus, if the heart rate is tapped on the left side, then it shows that the boy is developing inside. If the heart is tapped from the right side, then most likely, you will have a daughter.

Believe it or not?

Confidence in the methods of determining the sex of the child by heartbeat, or not, is decided by each mom on her own. You can simply check the "correctness" of the results of the ultrasound examination and understand whether the test coincides with the reality or not. However, remember that ultrasound can also be mistaken in the matter of the sex of the baby, so many parents are inclined to this type of diagnosis, such as invasive examination (a procedure in which a piece of placenta or amniotic fluid is taken).

As for the opinion of doctors, they certainly do not trust this method, based on the fact that the state of the baby and the position of the body, at the time of listening, can change. Therefore, all attempts to determine sex in this way resemble the game "guess who?"

Of course, we will not discourage you from this entertaining lesson, but if you really want to know the sex of the child, then refer to more traditional methods. For example, now is gaining popularity 3D ultrasound, with which you can find out the sex of the child from 24 weeks and even see his features. Moreover, with the help of this study, it is possible to identify at an early stage some vices in the development of the fetus and change the tactics of managing pregnancy.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that to trust the people's methods for 100%, of course, is not worth it. However, if it gives you pleasure, then why not play in the "Guess"?

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