Fitness for pregnant women

Fitness for pregnant women - exercises in 1, 2, 3 terms

It is possible for pregnant women to be engaged in fitness

That is, wondering whether "it is possible for pregnant women to engage in fitness" the future mother can confidently give her own answer to this question - it is possible. And not only it is possible, but also it is desirable - supplemented by doctors, at the same time, placing emphasis on the fact that fitness classes for the period of bearing a baby should be corrected, resorting more and more to gentle, warming up and restorative exercises.

A big plus of such classes is that as a result, labor will be much easier. Sports moms have a trained heart, lungs and muscles, all this, of course, helps in the crucial moments of labor and birth of the baby. In addition, small physical loads accumulate in the body hormone - endorphin. During childbirth, it acts as a kind of analgesic.

Fitness for pregnant women should, of course, differ from the usual fitness. Before, as you start training, be sure to check with your doctor and make sure that there are no contraindications for classes. The next stage will be the choice of location and coach. Well, if it's a person with a medical background or someone who has worked with pregnant women for a long time.

However, not only the coach should monitor your state of health. First of all, you are responsible for your health and the health of your baby. For the effectiveness of training, observe the following rules:

  • Do not exercise at a maximum, a positive impact will even have activities with low or medium intensity;
  • Do not be lazy, go to classes regularly, at least three times a week;
  • Remember that when you are pregnant, it becomes difficult for you to breathe. Consider this during class and do not be afraid to change the intensity of training;
  • for the normal development of the fetus, it is necessary and right to eat. During fitness classes, set yourself not a drop of kilograms, but a strengthening of muscles;
  • From the very beginning of your workouts, pay attention to the fact that you consume a sufficient amount of liquid. Also pick the right clothes - the bra should not squeeze or pull the chest;
  • Do not hold your breath during exercise, this increases the movement of the pelvis and may cause dizziness;
  • Watch the pulse rate and do not forget about the full rest.

Fitness for pregnant women: 1 trimester

that there are certain exercises that are categorically contraindicated for pregnant women. For example, you can not make twists and different slopes, especially in the first months of bearing a child. The fact is that this can lead to a miscarriage due to hypertension of the uterus.

What kind of fitness in the first months of pregnancy, when sick in the morning mercilessly, and all day irresistibly want to sleep? Ask a woman who is suffering from unpleasant symptoms in the early stages, refusing to train. And it will be completely wrong: 20 minutes of fortifying charge per day, on the contrary, will help to cope, or at least - to reduce the manifestations of all sorts of discomforts that deliver discomfort.

Try it - and you yourself will feel the healing effect of sports on the body. After all, and you need for this just something, judge for yourself:

  • we get up evenly behind the chair with the back, we spread our legs to the width of the shoulders and, holding on to the chair, climb gently to the socks. On the rise - inhaling, sinking into the starting position - exhalation. We do the exercise 10 times;
  • We move away from the chair, stand with the position of the foot on the width of the shoulders and connect the hands in front of the chest with the palm of the hand. With effort squeeze the palms, we count to 5 and we weaken the squeezing. Repeat the exercise 10 times;
  • We accept the position of the leg on the width of the shoulders, the back is even, and we do the pelvic rotation exercise. At the same time, the hands are on the belt. 10 times we rotate the pelvis in one direction, then again 10 times in the other;
  • We perform legs with legs: standing upright, holding on to the back of the chair and waving our foot forward and back and forth. Exercise is done with each foot 10 times;
  • We sit down on the floor, cross-legged in Turkish, hands relax, so that the fingers touch the floor. Stretch out - raise your left arm, lean to the right until the elbow of your right hand touches the floor. In the same way, then we stretch to the left side - 10 times in one direction, and the same in the other.
  • Fitness for pregnant women: 2 trimester

    In the second trimester of pregnancy, give up lying on your back, as performing them increases the risk of oxygen deficiency in the fetus. In addition, the vertical position of the body during exercise may cause blood supply to the brain to deteriorate. That's why, an experienced coach will replace such a position with a stance on his knees with an emphasis on his hands.

    The second trimester is the golden time in all plans: the toxicosis has passed, strength, and energy - more than enough, in general, everything has to do sports. At this stage, it is good to include exercises in the complex of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs, back, and the press - they will serve well in late pregnancy, when the load on the body increases, and immediately during childbirth. The complex of exercises for fitness in the second trimester of pregnancy should look something like this:

    • stand straight, holding the back of the chair, in the position of the foot on the width of the shoulders. Holding hands behind the back of the chair, we squat during the exhalation, we stay for a few seconds in this position (the buttocks, hips, perineal muscles are tense, the stomach is relaxed) and rise. After doing the exercise, but already relaxing the muscles. In total - 10 times;
    • already familiar exercise mahi leg, only from the prone position: we lay down on the right side, supporting the head with the right hand, with the elbow resting on the floor, and the left one resting on the floor. Raise the left leg and wave it back and forth. We make 20 machhes with the left foot, turn over to the left side and repeat the exercise on the right foot;
    • we kneel and put our hands on the floor, arch our back, we stay in this position for 3 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat exercise 10 times

    Fitness for pregnant women: 3 trimester

    In the last three months of pregnancy, you need to carefully perform stretching exercises. A dislocation is possible, because during this period the body produces a special hormone relaxin, which makes the joints more pliable.

    Movement allowed, coordinated with a specialist, are performed carefully and slowly, taking into account the increased abdomen excessively. Fitness for pregnant women 3 trimester is more and more restorative charging, a way to distract and even better prepare your body for the forthcoming birth. It would be good by this time to get a special big ball for practice - fitball, but if it is not in the house, fitbol can quite replace some low ottoman. So:

    • we sit on the fitball (ottoman) and place our legs wider. And now - we perform a breathing exercise: we breathe superficially, like a dog in a hot summer season. Count 10 breaths, go to normal breathing and repeat the exercise in a minute. In general, we make 5 of these approaches;
    • We sit on the fitbole (padded stool), folding his arms over his chest, and gently, quietly, we perform circular movements with a pelvis: 10 times in one direction, as many in the other;
    • we squat down at the foot position on the width of the pelvis, we spread our knees to the side, leaning our hands on the floor. And now - we begin to roll, from one side to the other, while straightening the legs in turn.

    If you follow all the instructions and tips correctly, then the result of fitness will have a positive impact on future births.

    Take care of your own health during pregnancy and not only!

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