Fitomycil during pregnancy

Fitomycil during pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

However, do not forget about common sense and before taking this or that pill, first consult a doctor, then study the instructions, and finally, you can read what those who took it say about the medicine. In this article we will try to deal with Fitomycil. This drug is very popular today, although it causes a lot of controversy and disagreement.

Phytomycyl: instruction

Phytomycil is not a medicine, it's a natural biologically active additive (BAD), as the manufacturers say. There are only two components in its composition: psyllium husks and house plum fruits grown in India.

The testimony indicates that Fitomycil is taken with constipation, diarrhea (which provokes dysbacteriosis), diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, and also in order to cleanse the body, get rid of extra pounds and reduce high cholesterol and blood sugar. Components of Phytomycyl contribute to an increase in the volume of intestinal contents (and also soften it), stimulate motor and evacuation function of the colon, improve digestion, reduce hunger, prevent and eliminate constipation. Contraindications this drug has practically no (apart from individual intolerance of the components), there are no side effects, therefore it is considered safe for the treatment of even pregnant women.

Does Fitomycil Need to Be Pregnant?

Unfortunately, constipation is the problem almost every woman faces in the second half of pregnancy. There are many reasons for this. First, the intestine becomes sluggish due to venous stasis, which is formed by squeezing the inferior vena cava with a pregnant uterus. Secondly, hormones of pregnancy (progesterone) influence the same intestines, which relaxes the musculature not only of the uterus, but also of the intestines, and weak intestinal contractions also reduce its peristalsis. Thirdly, even before pregnancy, a woman can suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which only worsen during the period of gestation.

With constipation during pregnancy, it is necessary to fight, but not all treatment can be good. Side effects of many laxatives negatively affect even the fetus, therefore, they are contraindicated in pregnancy. Many doctors, and even pregnant women themselves, consider the drug of choice for constipation during pregnancy just Fitomycil. First, and not a medicine, and secondly, an absolutely natural remedy. This prescription is prescribed by many doctors to their paunchy patients, who in turn are happy with the effect.

Special instructions

  • Take Fitomycil strictly as directed by your doctor. Usually, pregnant women are prescribed 1 packet 2-3 times a day.
  • Before use, the powder is diluted in juice, tea, kefir, yoghurt, water, without waiting for its complete dissolution.
  • Drink a glass of non-carbonated water.
  • Phytomycyl is not addictive, so it can take a long time.
  • And the most important thing! When treating Fitomycil, observe the drinking regimen - drink at least one and a half liters of liquid a day, otherwise the dietary fiber of the drug will absorb all the moisture, which means that the constipation will only increase.
  • And do not forget that your pregnant body can react unpredictably to any medicine, much less a dietary supplement.

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