Flatulence in early pregnancy

Flatulence in early pregnancy - causes and treatment

What is the future mother to do to avoidTo have a similar problem, and how to deal with a swelling without harming the baby?

What is flatulence? Causes of bloating in pregnancy

Flatulence is an intestinal disorder that is accompanied by discomfort associated with excessive formation of gases in the loops of the digestive organ. In addition, there is nausea, colic, eructation, uncomfortable feeling of raspiraniya in the stomach and constipation.

The cause of the increase in the problem of flatulence during pregnancy can be a failure to comply with the correct diet, eating food that can cause accumulation of gases (cabbage, carbonated water, black bread, beans), wearing uncomfortable, squeezing things in the early stages of pregnancy. Also, the culprit of bloating may be a sedentary lifestyle.

Treatment of flatulence in early pregnancy

Any treatment should be under the careful supervision of the attending physician. First of all, you need to get rid of excess gases in the body, eliminate pain and discomfort. The main goal of treatment is the discovery and disposal of the underlying cause of flatulence.

Bloating during pregnancy is treated with two methods: medicamentous and folk.

Medication for abdominal bloating in pregnant women

When bloating, a pregnant woman needs medical advice. Only the doctor will be able to detect the cause of excessive gas production, and also to prescribe the necessary treatment.

Often the recommended drugs for flatulence in pregnant women are:

  • adsorbents (activated carbon, Espumizan);
  • Enzyme products containing digestive enzymes (Creon, Metoclopramide, Cisapride, etc.).

However, the choice of drug treatment and the very means to combat swelling should be approached with special attention and responsibility. Many medications have a lot of limitations and contraindications, besides allergic manifestations are possible. In this regard, engage in self-medication and choose drugs for pregnant women on their own - is strictly prohibited. After all, it is possible to harm both the future mother and the child she is nurturing.

Traditional medicine in flatulence in pregnant women

In folk medicine, there are many effective ways to eliminate bloating. The best way to combat meteorism is to help a pregnant woman with herbal medicines:

  • infusions of carminative herbs (cumin, fennel, mint);
  • Dill water;
  • a decoction of coriander.

Herbal solutions should be used daily, no more than three times a day before meals.

In addition, an excellent means for removing gazoobrazovaniya from the body of a pregnant woman are phyto-tea or infusions of melissa and chamomile.

Cleansing enemas are also considered an effective way of removing excess gases from the digestive tract. They help in a short time to solve the problem and improve the well-being of the future mother.

Effectively eliminate constipation (one of the unpleasant symptoms of flatulence) green tea and an infusion of mountain ash.

Traditional medicine is a powerful weapon that can immediately eliminate the problem of flatulence. But it is not necessary to pregnant women, without consulting before this with your doctor, to engage in self-medication. Nevertheless, a woman in position is responsible not only for herself, but also for the baby, who is under her heart. Therefore, any carelessness can adversely affect the health of the future mother and her baby.

Exercise and exercise in pregnancy as an effective method of combating flatulence

With bloating and problems with the intestines during pregnancy, doctors recommend increasing motor activity, which helps accelerate digestion, as well as the rapid release of the intestine from the excess gasses in it. Walking in the open air is best for this. Such an active holiday is not only useful, but also enjoyable.

In addition, the perfect options for physical exercise for women in the situation are yoga for pregnant women, swimming in the pool, belly dancing. But do not forget that such classes should be conducted under the supervision of an instructor.

Also, doctors recommend in their spare time to perform a simple massage of the abdomen, which will help to activate intestinal motility and relieve the pregnant woman from the problem with swelling. The procedure is quite simple: it is necessary to smooth the midsection clockwise in a smooth and gentle manner for ten minutes.

But do not forget, that all physical activities for pregnant women should be coordinated with their attending physician. All because they have a system of contraindications for doing physical exercises. After all, improper observation of safety rules can harm future mother and her child.

Ways to prevent flatulence in early pregnancy

The future mommy should follow a vitamin-rich diet that does not contain foods that cause the accumulation of gases in the intestine. If you do not want to have problems with the intestines, then forget about the overeating and try to control the rate of the eaten. Also, doctors do not recommend eating fat, heavy food for digestion and lactose intolerance - milk.

Pregnant should be as often as possible to go out into the open air and lead an active lifestyle. Hiking and moderate exercise for women in the position - that's what you need!

And do not forget that during pregnancy it is forbidden to wear uncomfortable and uncomfortable clothing that clamps the tummy.

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