Flebodia 600 during pregnancy

Flebodia 600 during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Of course, it is easier to prevent the appearance of varicose veins than to treat it later, therefore, from the first months of pregnancy, it is necessary to start taking care of the health and beauty of your legs, because the development and nutrition of the fetus directly depends on the condition of the blood vessels.

But if you still could not avoid this disease - do not panic. The attending physician will necessarily select the treatment option that suits you, one of which may be the appointment of the drug "Flebodia 600".

As future mothers, worrying primarily for their baby, are wary of taking any medication, we will try to find together the answer to the question: whether the "Fleabodia 600" reception is fraught with consequences during pregnancy or if you do not need to panic again ?

Flebodia 600: indications for use

"Flebodia 600" is a drug that is aimed at providing angioprotective (stimulating the passage of metabolic processes in the walls of blood vessels) and venotonic (increasing the tone of blood vessels, improvement of lymph and blood flow from lower extremities, improvement of microcirculation, as well as reduction of capillary permeability) of action. Assign it with varicose veins, which is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and burning in the legs, with venous and lymphatic insufficiency, with increased fragility of the capillaries and in violation of microcirculation.

Flebodia 600 during pregnancy

There are no reported cases of side effects associated with the use of "Fleobodia 600" by pregnant women, currently in medical practice. The carried out experimental researches also did not find any negative influence of the given preparation on embryonic development of the fetus.

The preparation "Flebodia 600" underwent a series of clinical studies conducted with pregnant women who suffered varicose veins. The majority of investigators observed a risk factor for the possible development of fetoplacental insufficiency (abnormalities of the placenta) and associated fetal intrauterine growth retardation. The use of "Fleobodia 600" during pregnancy in this group of women was due to the appearance of not only varicose veins on the legs, but also hemorrhoids. The results obtained during this study were as follows:

  • Firstly, most of the pregnant women studied had an improvement in their general health and well-being. Many had a positive effect on the process of uteroplacental blood flow;
  • Secondly, the use of "Flebodia 600" during pregnancy significantly better promoted and weight gain of the fetus, than with the traditional course of therapy (as a result of the use of this drug, babies were born with a weight corresponding to the norm).

According to the results of the study, doctors concluded: the use of the drug "Flebodia 600" during pregnancy provides the same effect as drugs aimed at improving uteroplacental blood flow. It also provides an increase in the tone of the veins and an improvement in the microcirculation of the capillaries, as a result of which there was a decrease in blood loss in parturient women.

Only the attending physician can prescribe "Flebodia 600" during pregnancy, provided there are diseases associated with varicose veins, a disorder of venous blood flow and hemorrhoids. Also, the use of this drug is possible in the treatment of fetoplacental insufficiency.

Minor possible side effects may be allergic reactions to the components of the drug, as well as headaches. If you feel unwell during the reception of "Flebodia 600", stop taking it and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Contraindications to taking Flebodia 600 Лduring pregnancy can only be an individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to its individual components.

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