Flu during pregnancy

Flu during pregnancy - treatment, consequences, prevention

Influenza (from grippe) is an acute infectious disease of the respiratory tract caused by the influenza virus. He is a member of the group of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI). Periodically spreads in the form of epidemics and pandemics.

Causes of the disease

The flu provokes a certain virus called Myxovirus influenzae. Simply soaking up your feet, you will not get the flu, but if someone coughed at you - it is likely, because the infected person gets into the body from an infected person by airborne droplets. After a short while, the person who has been coughing can already feel sick - the virus multiplies rapidly in its body and is carried by the flow of blood into all its parts. The virus destroys the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, which performs protective functions before. This can cause a variety of consequences, including complications in the form of pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis. The virus has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system: an inflammatory disease of the heart muscles, which sometimes develops, can provoke heart failure. For pregnant women, the flu is particularly dangerous for the complications caused by it, the most terrible of which is the threat of premature birth or, even more so, miscarriage. In addition, the body of a pregnant woman, weakened by the flu, is threatened by a bacterial infection - staphylococcal, hemophilic, pneumococcal. During the disease, chronic diseases are often exacerbated: bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis, metabolic disorders (gastrointestinal type of gastritis), kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases.

Flu Symptoms

High fever is associated with flu, combined with chills, joint aches and photophobia, and nausea and vomiting sometimes occur. All this - evidence of intoxication of the body. On the second-third day, a dry cough, a runny nose, a sore throat are added to the number of ailments. With the flu, the body temperature is usually high enough, up to 40 degrees, with its periodic fall, the patient sweats heavily. This condition can last up to seven days. To all else on the lips can occur herpes. Viral disease in some pregnant women is accompanied by abdominal pain and even diarrhea. As with an ordinary person, in pregnant women after the flu there is asthenia syndrome - fatigue, fatigue, general weakness and weakness, malaise. To all for pregnant women are also other difficulties, for example, emotional disturbances. A woman can have both mild depression and serious behavioral disorders. The future mother becomes more irritable, she is disturbed when getting up from the bed, noise in her ears and dizziness, she does not tolerate bright light, loud talk, working TV.

How is the flu treated?

So, as the treatment of influenza in pregnant women has its own characteristics, it should be prescribed only by a doctor, which should be addressed immediately when they feel bad. Many of the usual anti-influenza drugs, pregnant are contraindicated. For example, aspirin, certain anti-cough drugs, vasoconstrictive, some antiviral. In the treatment of influenza, pregnant doctors emphasize folk and homeopathic remedies. There is also an abundant drink. The liquid will help wash the dangerous virus out of the body. It is better to drink something sour that contains vitamin C, - hot tea with raspberries or lemon and honey, fruit drinks, broth from rose hips. Antipyretic, recommended to pregnant women, - paracetamol. If you are worried about a cough, the doctor may prescribe piles of herbs or those antitussive medications that are allowed during pregnancy. It will be useful to conduct steam inhalations with infusions of calendula, chamomile, mint, eucalyptus, sage, St. John's wort, pine buds, ledum, etc. Antibiotics are not prescribed for influenza.

What are the consequences of the disease in pregnancy?

No matter how much you want to answer differently, the consequences of the flu can be very different, and no doctor can tell you with 100% certainty whether or not the illness has affected the child's development. It is only necessary to note that the flu is most dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy, up to 12 weeks. This is the period of laying the organs and tissues of the future baby, so it is so important that the pregnancy at this time proceeded favorably. In subsequent periods, the child is already growing and the flu will not affect the structure of organs and tissues. If the flu disease still adversely affected the development of the baby in the womb, then, most often, however sad it may be, the pregnancy is interrupted. If after the flu the pregnancy runs smoothly and without complications, which proves the normal results of the tests and ultrasound (it shows whether everything is in order with the baby and the placenta), then there is nothing to worry about, and the baby is fine.

Flu Survey

There is a small possibility of infection of a child with a particularly severe flu (with complications). To check up, whether all with the kid by way of, the so-called "triple test" - on AFP, estriol and hCG will help. To hand over for analysis three hormones - it is necessary, since the risk of pathologies is often unrealistic to evaluate by two or one. However, even so, the results of this test are often unreliable, because they depend on many factors. The results of the "triple" test, which is sometimes repeated several times for greater certainty, Whether to calm down to you or to continue inspections.

The subsequent examination will not do without the procedure of amniocentesis. In this case, a sample of amniotic fluid is taken, examining which, check the presence of pathologies in the child. But in this case, unfortunately, no one will give 100% guarantees that there are no or there are deviations. This procedure is also dangerous, although it is carried out almost painlessly and very quickly, under the control of ultrasound. The threat of miscarriage or premature birth exists in about 1-2% of cases after it is carried out. Therefore, everything should be carefully considered and weighed before agreeing to such a study.


The likelihood of getting infected in pregnant women is higher compared to other people, as the immunity of such women is often weakened. It is known, that flu epidemics can be predicted, because they occur in a certain period of time (autumn, spring). Therefore, doctors advise you to get a flu shot before the epidemic begins. It is believed that it is safe for the child, because modern vaccinations contain an inactivated (killed) influenza virus. The exception is women who do not exceed 14 weeks of gestation - they should not be vaccinated against the flu. In addition, to ensure that a person does not exactly fall ill with this disease, there can not be one inoculation against the flu. Possibility to get sick with a virus, even if it is in an easy form, but it does exist. This is a good reason to increase your immunity by hardening, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, physical activity.

For the prevention of disease, many doctors advise to lubricate the nasal mucosa with oxolin ointment before leaving for public places. In the evening, before going to bed, rinse your mouth with a tincture of eucalyptus or marigold that will be wiped off by harmful microbes accumulated during the day.

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