Fluorography in the planning of pregnancy

Is it possible to do a fluorography when planning a pregnancy?

However, in many countries of the world, fluorography has not been used for a long time because of high radiation exposure. Naturally, the opinions of doctors even differ on this issue. Some argue that radiation is minimal (especially with digital fluorography) and does not carry any harm in itself. Others consider even minimal radiation to be simply useless, because it is practically impossible to detect tuberculosis with the help of this study in the early stages. Usually tuberculosis fluorography is confirmed in the presence of obvious symptoms - argue opponents of fluorography.

While doctors are arguing, patients have to make their own decisions. It would seem that once a year they did - and forgot. But it is not so easy in this situation for the reproductive part of the population. Future parents are worried about the health of their children at the time of conception.

We plan a pregnancy - we go through a complete examination. This is how many conscious couples prepare for a responsible event in their life. Coming to the doctor, future parents want to be assured of the excellent state of their health, because it is their body that will become a "material" for a new life. Among the doctor's testimonies, you can find the following: a general blood and urine test, infection tests, therapist consultation, dentist, genetics, spermogram, pelvic ultrasound, coagulogram, fluorography & hellip; The list is far from complete and can cause a number of questions and bewilderment.

This is primarily a case of fluorography. It would seem that everything is clear - it is important to make sure that none of the future parents are sick with tuberculosis or other diseases. However, the radiation does not give rest. Often couples wonder when in the period of pregnancy planning you can undergo a fluorography. Almost all doctors recommend that even not planning pregnancy women to conduct any radiological examination in the first third of the menstrual cycle. Exceptions can only be if there are serious indications for fluorography.

It is known that fluorography during pregnancy is contraindicated, especially in the early stages. Why? The explanation is very simple. Radiation is most sensitive to dividing cells. In the adult body, they are not so many, but in the first months of pregnancy in the body of a woman begins to grow fruit. His cells are very active, and therefore irradiation has a harmful effect. It is believed that if in the first days of pregnancy a number of unpleasant effects will fall on the zygote, then it will simply cease to develop, there will be an abortion. Although this does not always work, so be careful.

And what if the woman, without knowing about pregnancy, went through a fluorography? Doctors say that you should not worry, especially if the fluorography was performed before the expected menstruation. In addition, there is no evidence in medicine that modern fluorography increases the frequency of fetal abnormalities. But still, in this case, a pregnant woman is advised to take tests for a pregnancy hormone, to undergo a number of other studies and all the following months to be under the strict supervision of specialists. There are cases when doctors insist on the termination of pregnancy if an early X-ray examination was performed. However, in any case, the decision is made by the woman herself.

If there are medical indications for fluorography, then carry it on later lines under the supervision of a doctor, taking additional security measures (the belly area must be covered with a lead apron).

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