Foliber at planning pregnancy

Foliber for pregnancy planning - instructions for use, contraindications and feedback

Briefly about the preparation

It is a tablet drug that gynecologists assign to women at the planning stage of conception. Foliber - a combination medicine. In its composition it contains folic acid (vitamin B9) and cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12). Both active substances are needed by the woman's body in order to prevent the developmental defects of the fetus.

It is believed that the main component of the drug is folic acid. It takes part in the regulation of hematopoiesis, has an anti-anemic effect. Vitamin B9 positively affects the work of the liver and intestines, supports the immune system, promotes the formation of white blood cells.

In pregnancy, folic acid regulates the formation of fetal nerve cells. Her daily intake prior to conception and early in pregnancy is 75% of the cases prevents neural stem defects of the fetus, namely, anencephaly and spina bifida. And yet this important female vitamin prevents premature birth and the breakthrough of the amniotic membrane ahead of time. After childbirth, the vitamin prevents postpartum depression. That's why folic acid is truly a female vitamin.

Cyanocobalamin is necessary for the body of a woman to increase oxygen consumption by cells. It enhances the synthesis of proteins in the body, increases the activity of leukocytes.

Vitamin B12 prevents insomnia, normalizes low blood pressure. It is necessary for the healthy work of female reproductive organs.

The drug Foliber is recommended to be taken three months before the planned conception and in the first trimester of pregnancy. Daily use of it will prevent the deficiency of B vitamins in the body at the time of conception.

Foiber at the stage of pregnancy planning instruction recommends taking one tablet a day. It is better to do it 30 minutes before breakfast, washed down with boiled water.

Contraindications to taking the drug

Like many other medicines, Folieber should not take in the planning of pregnancy, not all women. Limitations in its use may be an individual intolerance to cyanocobalamin and folic acid.

It is also possible high sensitivity to the auxiliary components of Foliber, for example, to cellulose, lactose, citric acid. Although practice shows that this happens very rarely.

As for the side effects of taking the drug, it can be a rash, itching, redness of the skin. More often such reactions arise, when women overdo it with the medication and do not follow the recommended dosage. Just they should take into account that the lack of the above vitamins affects the female body less than their excess.

Another important point to take into account is the content of lactose in the preparation. In one tablet it contains 23 milligrams. This should be taken into account for women with impaired absorption in the intestine of galactose.

Vitamin medication should not be taken in women with galactosemia.

It is forbidden to combine the intake of Foliber with Diphenin and Methotrexate.

Taking the drug does not affect the management of transport. In pharmacies, it is sold without a prescription.

Many women consider the greatest shortage of the drug to be a high cost compared to normal folic acid.

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