Folk methods to become pregnant

Folk remedies for fast pregnancy

Top 10 proven folk methods that help to get pregnant

Method number 1

They say, that if you buy in advance, before the desired pregnancy, buy a small child's thing, it will help you visualize the desire, which will certainly be fulfilled. The fact is that looking at the children's cap or booties, you will be more vividly aware of the baby's presence, and that all wishes will come true, if you so much want to know it.

Method number 2

In the old days, couples who wanted to become parents in the near future, necessarily hung in the house several branches of pussy-willow and grew ficus. It is believed that these plants contribute to a successful conception.

Method number 3

The curative marine climate can solve the infertility problem for several days, which lasts for many years. The fact is that the climate change has a beneficial effect on the hormonal background of our body, so it is not surprising that many couples "bring babies" just after a holiday at sea.

Method # 4

For a quick conception, many couples use the practice of feng shui, which recommends creating a "wish card". To create a map you will need a large sheet of paper, in the center of which we must put a photo of your family with a picture of the baby. At the edges, paste pictures of pregnant women or picture yourself pregnant. You can also draw or cut pictures of guests who meet a happy mother from the hospital, the baby's first steps and other attributes that symbolize family well-being. Map the card in a place of honor (preferably in the bedroom) and believe that everything will come true.

Method number 5

For a successful conception in the old days, women mentally turned for help to their relatives, who had many children in the family. It does not matter whether relatives are alive or not - this belief about the help of "Rod" works on a subconscious level.

Method number 6

Many psychologists recommend for successful conception to engage in self-suggestion and meditations. For this, allocate 10-15 minutes a day and stay alone, imagine yourself in a very pleasant place for yourself and start a conversation with your body. Present your reproductive organs and ask them to work together. Fill your life with energy and feel how the moment of conception of the child is approaching. This technique of self-hypnosis has helped many women safely become pregnant and have a baby.

Method number 7

Another of the most effective ways to give birth to your child is the adoption of someone else's baby. This belief operates with an accuracy of 99.9% and says: adopt an alien child and you will definitely have your baby.

Method number 8

Serdy folk methods become pregnant, the most popular are those associated with various manipulations of things pregnant, for example:

  • measure things pregnant girlfriends;
  • drink from a glass of pregnant women;
  • sit in the place of the pregnant woman;
  • Pat a pregnant woman on the stomach.

Method number 9

It is said that if a couple who has problems with conception marries, then the long-awaited baby will appear in the first year after the conclusion of a spiritual marriage. You can also use other rituals that correspond to the religion of the spouses.

Method number 10

The popular way of getting pregnant says: if you have sex at two in the morning, then conception will happen. Physicians by the way also confirm the effectiveness of this method, since it is at 2 o'clock in the morning that a hormonal peak occurs in both partners.

As you can see, methods that increase the chances of conceiving a baby are a whole lot. Therefore, take our recommendations for service and believe that your stork is already on the way!

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