Forlax in pregnancy

Forlax in pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Constipation in a pregnant woman is a diagnosis that is not even surprising, as more than half of expectant mothers in an interesting situation face this "pattern". Alas, even the doctor is not in a hurry, and they are trying to solve their own "nuisance" with their own strength and knowledge. Independently appoint a laxative drug in the period of bearing a child - it's like, that deliberately ruin the health of yourself and not born baby. Constipation during pregnancy requires special treatment, which should appoint a doctor. But, we are too smart and know that more or less safe in the treatment of constipation in pregnancy is Forlax. About him very often say "experienced" and his doctors like to appoint. Let's try to answer the most frequent questions that worry future mothers with constipation.

How does Forlax work?

The main active ingredient of Forlax - Macrogol 4000 - promotes the formation of hydrogen bonds with water molecules, which allows to retain water in the intestine, increase its amount, and hence the volume of intestinal contents. As a result, the peristalsis is restored, the stool masses soften and after 24-48 hours the laxative effect of the drug comes. Forlaks from the body is excreted in an unchanged state, as it is not absorbed and not metabolized.

How can Forlax take?

Use a medicine for symptomatic treatment of constipation. And this is very important, since the medicine does not eliminate the cause of constipation, but only facilitates the patient's condition, therefore, it is not recommended to use the drug for a long time. Pregnant women are prescribed 1-2 packets a day. For a better effect take the medicine in the morning during breakfast, previously diluting the powder in a glass of water. The duration of treatment should be determined by the doctor.

What to fear when taking Forlax?

Although Forlax is considered a safe drug for pregnant women, it is only necessary to take it in extreme cases and with the utmost caution. Overdose, or too long-term use, is fraught with serious consequences: possibly the development of diarrhea, there may be pain in the abdomen, or even hives and rashes. As soon as something like this happens to you - immediately stop taking Forlax and see a doctor. During pregnancy, it is not worthwhile to experiment with various medications, much less to take several different drugs at once to treat one problem. If for the treatment you chose Forlax, then treat them, and do not take the next day already Dufalac.

Do without Forlax possible?

It is difficult to unequivocally answer this question. Very often constipation in a pregnant woman does not heal anything "popular" and "elementary". So the pregnant organism is complicated, that it is difficult to understand and correct it. Nevertheless, "Popular" and "elementary" should not be rejected in any case. "Laxative" foods (that is, those that are rich in fiber), as well as physical activity - the main allies in the fight against constipation during pregnancy. Even an effective Forlax can not cope with the problem, if you do not revise your diet, and do not change your lifestyle (from "sedentary" to "mobile").

Good luck!

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