Frautest for pregnancy

Frautest for pregnancy - the principle of action, advantages, disadvantages, instruction, feedback

Today's test manufacturers in unison claim the high quality and sensitivity of their products. But, firstly, we already wrote that the figures in 25 mIU / ml are nothing more than an advertising move, and secondly, practice shows that tests often lie. But, anyway, their reliability remains quite satisfactory, and convenience is undeniable.

One of the favorite tests among women is Frautest. First of all because of truthfulness. Producers promise a certainty of 99%. And let's calculate the percentage in practice is not easy, against the background of other analogues, Frautest is favorably different.

There is no doubt that false positive and false negative results can occur, as with any other test. It happens that there is not a single strip visible - here you yourself are to blame, because the test was wrong. But in most cases Frautest is not mistaken.

The manufacturer offers a selection of ladies from the Frautest series for pregnancy:

  • Frautest Express - a classic test strip for immersion in a container with urine;
  • Frautest Double control - a test with two strips for a control check (if you need to make sure of the result);
  • Frautest comfort is a convenient and hygienic highly sensitive test without the need for pre-collection of urine;
  • Frautest Expert - test cassette with a high guarantee of accuracy;
  • Frautest Exclusive - a jet modern test, very refined and stylish and at the same time comfortable and hygienic, promises maximum sensitivity.

Testing using any Frautest can be done at a convenient time for you. But, of course, it should be taken into account that the highest concentration of hCG in urine is observed in the morning. It is also recommended that you do not eat a lot of fluids and refuse diuretics the day before - to get the most reliable results.

Frautest can be used from the first day of delay of the expected monthly. In the instructions for each type of test, the method of use and the way to interpret the result obtained are described in detail.

To confirm the test, it is recommended to repeat the test in 2-3 days. If the test shows a positive result, then it is necessary to show the gynecologist. You should also visit a doctor if the result of two Frautest is negative, and menstruation does not occur.

The positive result should be considered the appearance of a second strip, even if it is fuzzy or blurred. However, it must necessarily be located throughout the width of the control zone, be even and approximately the same in color with the control strip.

Test results can be evaluated no later than 10 minutes after the test.

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