Frozen pregnancy in the early stages

Signs of a frozen pregnancy in early pregnancy

The dead is called pregnancy, at which at some point the fetus stops its development and dies. Pregnancy fading can occur in any period of gestation - as in the first weeks, and at a later date. And the pregnancy that has died in the early stages is considered, if the termination of development of the fetus and its death occurs before the 13th week. To the great regret, medicine in this case is powerless: if there was a pregnancy fading and the corresponding death of the fetus, then it is not possible to bring it back to life.

It is in the first weeks of pregnancy, experts warn, that the fetus is as vulnerable as possible - many very diverse factors can influence its development and formation. However, the most likely cause of frozen pregnancy in the early stages of many doctors called congenital pathologies and malformations. In this case, the fading of pregnancy is roughly called "natural selection": nature interrupts the development of the fetus in order to prevent the birth of a child with congenital malformations and genetic disorders. Another common cause that can provoke fading of pregnancy in the early stages is the presence of infectious diseases in the future mother, as well as sexually transmitted infections (influenza, rubella, chlamydia, herpes, toxoplasmosis, etc.). Fetal pregnancy in the early stages can also be a consequence of Rh-conflict between mother and child, hormonal disorders, frequent stress. And significantly increase the risk of pregnancy fading early in the harmful habits of the mother, which she did not deem it necessary to leave in the past - smoking, drinking alcohol and, especially, taking drugs.

Unfortunately, a premature pregnancy in the early stages in most cases, a woman alone can not be determined, because no symptoms, clear and unambiguous, are not accompanied. What can alert a potential mother in this case is a sudden and inexplicable cessation of the toxicosis, provided that he had it. Other indirect symptoms that may indicate the fading of pregnancy, may be relaxation in the mammary glands, a decrease in basal temperature. In some cases, a frozen pregnancy in the early stages may be accompanied by minor vaginal discharge, characterized by pain in the abdomen and lower back, this is the beginning process of exfoliation of the fetal egg. But finally diagnose the fading pregnancy can only the doctor, if the next ultrasound, he records the lack of heartbeat in the fetus.

The algorithm of actions in the detection of a frozen pregnancy is limited to either expectant management for the purpose of spontaneous abortion, or involves the intervention of a specialist who will terminate pregnancy artificially. For this purpose, medicamental methods are used (special drugs are used, relaxing the muscles of the uterus and provoking miscarriage), as well as scraping the uterus in order to remove the fetal tissues from it. In any case, it is necessary to remove the membranes as soon as possible, otherwise they decompose, they will poison the mother's body and can lead to inflammation of the uterus. Even if the doctor did not resort to the artificial termination of pregnancy immediately in the absence of natural rejection of the fetus, then within a few days, he is obliged to intervene in the situation.

Frozen pregnancy in the early stages of no way can not be interpreted as a contraindication to subsequent pregnancies. At the reasonable and weighed approach in the future the woman has every chance to bear and give birth to the healthy kid. That's only to do it should not earlier than after the expiration of 6-8 months after the elimination of the consequences of the previous frozen pregnancy. And during this time it is necessary to give maximum attention to one's own health and the state of the body, to pass additional tests and to pass a test for the presence of urogenital infections, to balance the diet of food, to correct the mode of work and rest, and not to reproach themselves for, what happened. It is clear that if the child was desired, and suddenly there was a pregnancy fading, then this is a stress and shock for a woman. However, it should be remembered: in this situation, nothing can be changed already, so it's better to pull yourself together, and the subsequent pregnancy should be planned carefully and with all responsibility.

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