Furadonin in pregnancy

Furadonin in pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

Can I use furadonin in pregnancy?

Furadonin is a drug related to the group of nitrofurans. It has an antimicrobial effect on bacteria that cause diseases of the urinary tract. Yes, today the assortment of antibacterial drugs for fighting these diseases is great, but doctors prescribe this remedy. So they do then, when the microflora that caused the disease is not sensitive to other antibacterial drugs. Take into account the doctor and the fact that to Furadonin pathogens of infection get used slowly.

The drug does not belong to the most toxic drugs used in medicine, but, nevertheless, its reception for pregnant women is contraindicated. The reason is the penetration of Furadonin through the placental barrier and the possible toxic effect on the future child. The drug for effects on the fetus belongs to group B. This means that during experiments with furadonin on animals, a risk was found for the baby to be born. Clinical studies of this risks and risks have not been confirmed, the drug is not sufficiently studied.

You should know that B medications are used for expectant mothers, but there is a risk of toxic effects on the future child. That is why the instruction to Furadonin says that during pregnancy it is contraindicated.

In practice, this medicine is still used for treatment. But this therapy is carried out only after a microbiological study, that is, a bacterial culture of urine, the purpose of which is to detect the causative agent of the infection, its sensitivity to antibacterial drugs.

Given the above, Furadonin is not recommended under any circumstances to apply in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is during this period that the baby is very vulnerable to the effects of any medication, since the laying of the main organs and tissues is continuing.

In the first week of pregnancy, the fetus is not yet associated with the woman's body and develops autonomously. He gets everything he needs from a fetal egg. During this week, the egg moves the mother tube to the uterus and is implanted into its wall on the 7-10th day. After that, the general circulation of blood is already developing. The fetus receives from the mother and nutrients, and toxic. That is why the use of Furadonin after 12 weeks of pregnancy is possible only according to the doctor's prescription. He will assess the risk of its use and compare with the risk of developing a urinary tract infection.

Indications and contraindications for the use of Furadonin

Pregnant women are often prone to infections of the urinary tract. Therefore, they often develop cystitis, pyelonephritis. Furadonin is used to treat these diseases in the case where pathogens to other drugs are insensitive. Contraindications for the use of this medication are violations of the kidney and liver, congenital insufficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, diseases of the cardiovascular system, sensitivity to Furadonin and its components.

Adverse effects from taking

Adverse effects such as chest pain, shortness of breath, cough, lung tissue damage, decreased appetite, vomiting and nausea, diarrhea, toxic liver damage, headache, lethargy, neuritis, a decrease in the number of leukocytes and platelets, anemia, itching rash, hives, Quincke's edema, fever, joint pain resembling a fever in the flu.

So, as you can see from the possible side effects, Furadonin does not need to be taken to women during pregnancy. Take care of yourself, and if you have any illness, contact your doctor.

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