Gedelix during pregnancy

Gedelix in pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

The drug is used to treat children and adults, including pregnant women. Doctors assure that it is safe for the mother and child. However, you should be aware that clinical studies of the effects of the components of this drug during pregnancy and lactation have not been conducted. That is why, doctors are insured, Gedelix can be treated only according to the doctor's prescription. However, the instruction nevertheless says that it is not necessary to resort to treatment with this drug during pregnancy and lactation.

Yes, the product is natural, based on plant constituents. But this does not diminish its danger, and often, as we know, even on the contrary, many plants pose a real threat to a pregnant woman. Gedelix contains an extract of ivy, as well as auxiliary oils of mint, eucalyptus and anise. These components of the drug is due to its action: Gedelix relaxes the muscles and expands the bronchi, activates the motor activity of the small bronchi, dilutes the sputum, which all together contributes to a faster and easier it to go. Also, this drug helps to relieve inflammation and destroy the infection. But not all listed components can be so safe, as it is said. Especially during pregnancy the probability of allergic reactions increases significantly. And mint oil, for example, can be a very big risk.

What else you need to know about Gedelix, if the doctor has prescribed this drug to you, or did you decide to take it yourself?

How to take Gedelix?

Gedelix is ??available in the form of drops and syrup. By and large, it does not matter which of the drugs you choose. Adults usually recommend drops, and sweet syrup is more for children. However, you can take any Gedelix.

Usually the recommended dose for an adult is 5 ml of syrup or 25-30 drops three times a day. The medicine should be taken with nothing without mixing and not washing down. In each case, the doctor can prescribe an individual regimen for taking the medicine, as well as the duration of the course. But usually Gedelix is ??taken until the symptoms disappear completely (and not less than seven days).

Contraindications to the use of Gedelix

Since Gedelix almost entirely consists of natural ingredients and does not even contain sugar, it has almost no contraindications. Nevertheless, if you have increased sensitivity to the components of the drug, hereditary fructose intolerance, arginine succinate synthetase deficiency, then it is forbidden to take it.

And it is also better to refuse such treatment with a tendency to laryngospasm. And never take Gedelix with antitussive medicines.

Possible side effects

In view of the above, it becomes apparent that one of the side effects is an allergic reaction to the constituents of the medication.

If taking Gedelix causes unpleasant sensations in the stomach, nausea, or other "suspicious" symptoms, should stop it and tell the doctor about it. The same should be done if the improvement after several days of taking the drug is not observed or on the contrary - the condition worsens.

Pregnant women should be extremely cautious: the reactions of the body during this period, especially allergic ones, are very unpredictable, and the organism itself is very vulnerable to them. In addition, closely monitor the dosage, do not exceed it, since the extract of ivy in large quantities is very dangerous!

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