Gel for the stimulation of childbirth

When a gel is used to stimulate delivery

There are many reasons for overcoming pregnancy, and it is almost impossible to prevent them. Among the factors that affect this process, called endocrine diseases, obesity, a violation of the regulatory function of the central nervous system. Doctors say that the age of a woman also contributes to perenashivanii child. Increasingly, such cases are recorded for those who are more than 30 years old.

One thing is clear - repetition is harmful to the baby, therefore, births have to be stimulated. To do this, you should consult your doctor or go to the hospital. There they will decide which way to give birth will stimulate, and whether it should be done.

One of the most sparing methods of stimulation of labor is the accelerated preparation of the cervix for delivery by creating a special hormonal background. To do this, a special gel is injected into the cervix to stimulate delivery. It contains biologically active substances - prostaglandins, which help the cervix to shorten and smooth out. In this case, labor can begin in 40 minutes or 4 hours. This is very individual.

The gel for stimulation can be entered if:

  • there is a malfunction in the delivery process;
  • the amniotic fluid has moved away, and there are no contractions;
  • the cervix does not open;
  • weak, rare, short, unstable, irregular contractions for a long time;
  • The fights suddenly stop.

In addition to introducing a gel to stimulate delivery, there are other ways to activate labor. But, despite the development of pharmacology, there is still no drug that would later reproduce the fights of the right strength.

As it were not there, but the stimulation of delivery still carries a risk. In particular, hypoxia of the fetus, aspiration syndrome, and some other problems are possible. That is why rhodostimulation is not used in all cases, because there are serious contraindications:

  • the size of the baby's head does not match the size of the mother's pelvis;
  • the child feels ill according to the cardiomonitor;
  • the child's wrong location;
  • Mother's health problems.

All factors of possible risk should be considered by the doctor and at the same time closely monitor the generic activity.

In any case, be positive and everything will go well!

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