Get hurt in pregnancy time

Is it possible to cut hair during pregnancy?

All the activities of the future mother is aimed at excluding and preventing all potential harm for themselves and their baby. But in this series of changes, decisions, weigh-ins and careful thought-out steps, one should not lose common sense and logic.

There are many things forbidden during pregnancy. Among them, food, beverages, clothing and hygiene, as well as actions that are harmful or potentially dangerous for the mother or child. But you must understand that everything that is not harmful is allowed. And if it also brings pleasure - it is even very shown. In addition, it is necessary to distinguish between reasonably justified prohibitions and empty superstitions. Such as a ban on hair cutting.

There are many signs and special traditions associated with hair. Grandmothers and all-knowing friends can inform you about the probable "causes" of hair circumcision during pregnancy: the baby will be born prematurely, you shorten his life in this way and even generally ridiculous and absurd: as if the mother cuts the penis and becomes a girl! But none of them has a drop of truth. However, it is known that in ancient times people were very careful and respectful of their hair. Hair was considered a source of vitality and energy, as well as a carrier of information. They partially protected the person from cold and troubles. Deprivation of hair was a bad sign and a shameful punishment. Consequently, shortening of hair led to a shortening of the century, a decrease in prosperity and a decrease in energy, - our ancestors were confident. Therefore, women have never had a haircut, but only trimmed the tips, and then - exclusively to the growing moon. And with the onset of pregnancy and this stopped doing.

Perhaps, most likely, the sign that hair can not be cut during pregnancy, goes back to those times and is based on those traditions. However, the modern answer to this question is unequivocal: pregnant women can get a haircut! None of the doctors will tell you that it can be at least something dangerous for the baby. By the way, in China, women, as soon as they learn about pregnancy, cut their hair shortly. So maybe this is even useful, who knows?

It is also known that with the onset of pregnancy, women's hair also changes its structure and quality. Sometimes, they become more brittle and dry (then they just need to cut a little bit). But it happens that under the influence of special hormones, stimulating the growth and strengthening of hair, their condition and density significantly improves! However, after giving birth, the hair begins to fall out. And to reduce the load, you should get a haircut already during pregnancy, - professional hairdressers consider. And it is unlikely that you will soon be able to run around the salons and create beauty after the birth of a crumb. So start doing it right now and do not believe in empty signs!

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